Rungitom August recap

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It was pretty hard earlier in the month, where I was struggling with unemployment and some debts. I was feeling kind of depressed because I’m jobless and its hard to look a job that fits me. My life kept sinking into depression everyday until one day, I found a job opportunity and quickly grab it.

From there my life gradually increased positiveness and I’m back into the working world again. My current job is not like the other jobs that I have been into, my mindset must be completely changed.

“Creativity” is the keyword, and I have to be more updated (more reading!) and also pour out ideas even if its pretty radical. You’ll never know if the idea will work or not right?

This month marks my 100th blog post, thinking back when I first started this blog (November 2009) I did have gone a long way since then, making more blogger friends, generate more readers for my blog.

Subsequently changed my style of writing, I still have more to improvise on writing and content to make readers more interested. My new work life makes me more aware on how important blogging is, not just monetizing it but also strive to give out more quality content that will generate readers interest.

Starting to play back Sims 3 again, this time with no cheats whatsoever. I’m doing the Legacy Challenge on my Sims 3 blog, be sure to check it out for more info. I have hard times to play it everyday because I’ve installed the game on my lil’ brother’s PC. I hope someday I will acquire new PC sometime soon.

September is rolling in but I don’t want to sleep, and ask other to wake me up when September ends. Last time, I let others colour my life but now I will colour my own life. I’m taking the lead and charge through any obstacles in my life.

Besides… whats the point living the life if you don’t step up and take the lead?

The Nothingness is now filled with Life…






Whats the point living the life if you don’t step up and take the lead?

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