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This is one thing I failed to learn from my previous work life…


Today shows how failed I am in terms of organizing works and executing them smoothly. I was shot with many task at a time, I got confused and done the task in a wrong way. I blame myself for being so panic, completely out of grasp with my work. I know my job is hard, so I must work harder and get organized before taking the task.

“Don’t push yourself, if you can’t do it then you have to tell me”

“Get organized, make a schedule of thing you want to do in advance. You can get your task done smoothly and finished on time. Its very fun to see how you progress in your work, and building a great work portfolio at the same time.”

My colleague advice was well received in my brain, I will do the very best so I can get a good result for my probation assessment.

Life goes on as I fill back my nothingness with hard work, learning new stuffs, more socialization skills and most important of all… learn to organize and be crucially strategic in painting my own colors and be in full control of my life.

This month’s theme was inspired by Yui with her song, Life.







Organize your life around your dreams – and watch them come true. ~ Anonymous

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