Propmaking during MCO: Raphtalia Sword

Day 4 of MCO Phase 4

Back in Phase 1, I was making myself busy to finish up one prop commission by a friend of mine which is the Raphtalia sword. This specific sword cross guard design is pretty new to me, using my own hard method I managed to make a final design that doesn’t deviate much from the original design.

There are many sources for reference, I tend to strike a balance between a few main sources, the Light Novel/Manga, the Anime, and last the Model/Figurine. The extra stuff are other maker’s build and 3D renderings.

This WIP has been dragging since after Lunar New Year, I’m just relieved much of the works are now completed, save for some little details.

Raphtalia sword midway through building

Raphtalia sword finished

Went on occasional lazy & work mode since then, but I still need to finish up one last part which is the scabbard. Full WIP progress will be uploaded on my Facebook Page after all works fully finished.

Until next time, stay safe!




“I am Naofumi-sama’s sword. None may disrespect him in my presence.” – Raphtalia


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