Thailand music anyone?

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I like songs, any songs that synchronize with my own beat, today I’ going to showcase one great music from Thailand.

Seksan Sukpimai (aka Sek Loso)

Seksan Sukpimai (aka Sek Loso)

He is a singer-guitarist-composer in a band named Loso that is formed in the mid-1990s in Bangkok, Thailand. Its name is derived from a play on hi-so, Thai slang for socialites and the upper class (from English ‘high society’), and is meant to reflect the group’s humble origins. It is one of the first Thai bands to achieve success on the international music scene, having played festivals, including South By Southwest and Glastonbury, and to be produced by a Western record producer. More info about the band in wiki.
One particular song I like is Fon Tok Tee Na Tang. A very easy melody song that will not even fade inside my head. I knew this song years back when I borrowed my brother music CD called “Thailand Love Song”. Every track in this CD is great and I particularly love this song.

At the very first lyric, you will hear this:
“Salit que… vous êtes belle… tellement irrésistible… que je n’ai pût m’empecher… de vous aimer”

in a direct translation(French I think)
“Salit that … . you’re beautiful … so irresistible … . that I could help … love you”

in my understanding
“Lady… you are so beautiful… totally irresistible… that I can’t help… falling in love with you”

I’m just referring Salit as a lady here. Hear it for yourself and tell me what do you think. Anyway, this band is still active and you can catch them on myspace.

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  1. January 19, 2023

    […] back to the topic, this particular song I wanted to share with you today, was also discovered from music CD called “Thailand Love Song” that I borrowed from my brother many years ago. The label was not clear/understandable on the […]

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