The 31st

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the 31st

February is coming, so this is like a recap for what I have been doing in January… well almost.

This year work is still the same, slack off when there is no work to do, charge up when there is. Web designing is still in progress, I hope to make my company’s web looks more corporate and not just like any boring commercial website.

A slight health problem occurred along the way, back pain come and go. I have to readjust my work desk, take some time to stretch up from the long hours sitting and I need a couple of exercise to gain my fitness back.

And along the way, I found Borneo Colours and BC Buddy, I forgot who actually invited me in the first place but hey, here I am, an active BC Buddy.My blogging activity is gaining experiences, I may be not the great writer, but my life experiences and view is worth the share.

I personally thank you readers out there for the support and comments, my blog will not be the same without you guys ;). I’m now going to be avid movie goers too, I like to see the movies in theaters rather than the DVD, there is much mo feel and experiences to it.
So, in the next month, two big celebrations(or maybe one) will be on, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New year on the same day. How cool can that be eh? I’m planing something special for my lady, hope it runs smoothly.

There is still more things to finish, debts to pay, movies to watch and blog to post. Blog upgrades is still in the making.

Till then, this is Tom Rungitom.

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