Cosplanner: Little app that helps

The Conditional MCO starts today, while I’m still in my room doing Work At Home as usual. Those utility bills are not going to pay themselves up anyway, life goes on and work needs to be reorganized every day.

Talking about organized, I found (and have been using) a cool app called Cosplanner to show to you makers out there.

Google Play Apps link:

This app helped me a lot in managing resources for prop making, while indirectly made me to do inventory check from time to time before moving on with prop making. The app layout looks simple but very organized, you have 5 tabs that is Cosplay Elements, Tasks, Reference Images, Process Pictures, Events. For example, this is my Agravain cosplay in process  *cough*which has not started*cough*

You can also see your summary of works here,

Hey I can go for a long article about the functions, possibilities and the community, but just install it and have a try, the app is free anyway. That is the best way to get to know the app yourself.




A powerful tool that will help to plan, organize, control and keep a record of all your projects, Cosplanner!


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  1. January 19, 2023

    […] began my hard work to finish the cosplay the best that I can. Even with the help of Cosplanner, my time management sucks that I have to make extra works at the eleventh hour. That is something I […]

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