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An update

Been abandoned for too long, there was supposed to be a large update but I’m still in the middle of repairing/re-editing broken blog posts… Oh, and Happy Belated New Year 2024! hahaha

Breaking Blazing!

The first Music Monday post after a very long time. I decided to have this song, Breaking Blazing featured this week. This song ブレイキングブレイジング (Breaking Blazing) is performed by J-Rock band Mr.FanTastiC. Not much is known...

Some new stuff to blog about

I was thinking about some new stuff to blog about since the start of my slowdown in 2015 and the subsequent pandemic. Those new stuff are gaming and gunpla.While I did plan to add in some...

Survived another year

YATTA! Survived another year after the start of the pandemic, but things were slow and sometimes heck. Just wanted to jump-start this blog after a long time hiatus. I do need to work on the internals...

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