MCO: What you do?

So what are the stuff you did to entertain yourself during these phases of MCO? apart from work at home of course.

Its currently raining here at my place, a stark contrast of scorching heat of yesterday’s weather. Remembering back when it was still on Phase 1, I was actually confident that the MCO will end. Fast forward, its already on Phase 4 and quite possibly extended into Phase 5.

Work at home and random stuff

The first phase started out normally, work at home, finishing up current prop works and helping out family with some tidying up stuff.

By the end of Phase 1 of MCO, things mellowed down a bit as I was taken to Green Zone emergency at hospital for hypertension, That took me by surprise. Subsequent medical checkups during MCO Phase 2 had mellowed myself down and just took a lot of rest and controlled diet while taking meds. Within those Phase 2 and 3, I still do occasional work at home, also spend some time to check out cosplans as well as inventory check so I can make a to buy list when the MCO is fully lifted.

Its gonna be May

Things get interesting between Phase 3 and 4, as in month of May, I started adding new entries in my dusty blog, give it a few shines of new banner and profile images.

Picked up drawing practice once again, memes are really fun to draw. But that was not the original purpose though, I just wanted to be good again in making nice arts like I was back then.

The goal now is to maintain a streak of daily blog posts, as well as artworking so I won’t be a total slime ball at the end of MCO. Hopefully my health will be better by then and continue to be much better this year.

The question remains if we ever get another phase of MCO, gonna find out about it very soon.




After the rain comes the sun, and better days will be here again


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  1. January 19, 2023

    […] a little follow up my last blog entry on what you do on MCO, and what I do on MCO. Today’s weather is back on the hot sunny dial with a clear blue […]

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