About Me

Hello there, Tom Rungitom here. đŸ˜€

Rungitom by Midori Draws

I am the sole author for rungitom.com, ever since it was launched in 2009 on Blogspot platform, until finally migrated to self hosting years later. So whats with rungitom.com? Well…

Back in the early days of my blog as well the day I started out recording my daily life in a diary, writing is something that I can use to record events, or pour out all of my imaginations and creativity on every single line, and make it feel “as real as possible” regardless of what the genre I wrote about. Writing has become one of my tools for self expression.



I mainly write/blog about personal stories, and moved towards covering local events as the year pass by. Ten years later, that eventually changed…

Now I blog on a few things other than my slice of life, which includes gaming, propmaking and cosplay/cosplay events as well as the intricate world of Plastic Models.

Anyway have a nice day and don’t forget to drop by my Instagram for some pics and stories update once in a while.




Dreams and Imaginations like no other, this is my story, the story of a regular Sabahan guy.


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