The Gutuk Phenomenon on Facebook

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Big brother of Gutuk(as I perceived it on Terima Kasih Datuk 3) composition on “Terima Kasih Datuk”. Pictures are edited for better view.

First one:



And the last one:

This featured composition, may known to people as “Karangan Si Gutuk”, was mixed with “bahasa pasar”(informal speaking) of the Sabahan people like bagagar, gustan, kasi etc. Its a total wreck in logical manner and vocabulary, this kid just doing what he is supposed to do, writing it directly from his mind. Judging by the image, he/she may be in Primary 4, 5 or 6 student. So far, only 4 compositions I have been collecting from Facebook, I don’t know if there is more to it. This picture has been quite a phenomenon on Facebook for some time now. Many of my friends name was tagged on this image for the laugh. I have seen a few primary school student composition in Bahasa Melayu and English before, composed in a very funny manner(storywise) alongside with many vocabulary error. just type in google for “karangan budak sekolah” and there will be tons of results for that and much more compositions we ourselves have not seen before

This reminds me one of my friend at primary school times named Pongo(meaning Stupid). But now he changed into a greater person and not a Pongo anymore, not to mention having a beautiful girlfriend too. This kid will grow up having a funny memory on how his composition rocked the world of Facebook for a while. I laughed hard on these compositions, as it continue to be the viral tagging picture on Facebook.

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