KM Story: Designer Key-chain

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So, this will be my first story on my life in Kota Marudu, just a simple one for starters. I will call it…

KM Story: The Rungitom Chapters

Ok, designer keychain, mostly made of wood and designed in many shapes and sizes. You will see these vendors on the weekend market or maybe even tamu. Price ranging from RM3 to RM6, customizable by customer request; put some special quotes or names.


For example, this guy runs a designer key-chain booth, the day was 20th May. I have just withdrawn my pay money from the ATM, I got interested so I chose a big one to be written “Rungitom Life” on it. After that I chose another one, a heart shaped paired key-chain; I requested to write on me and my lady’s name on it.


I’m pretty happy with my own key-chain, yahoo!~


On the side note, I should be going back on duty tomorrow; seems there are some problems regarding my customers. And its kinda serious.






Pimp my key-chain~

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  1. AngeL BeaR says:

    eee…so nice…i also want…uhuhuhu

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