Comma Comma

Guess what, Tickle Tuesday is back! See whether you can decipher this image below,













Thanks to Miss Mag for the inspitation. 😀

Oh if you still haven’t guessed it, its Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.






comma comma comma comma comma chameleon~♫

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6 Responses

  1. Azeanthy Paiman says:

    nice post. n i liked to see the chameleon's color.colorful!

  2. chegu carol says:

    when i was younger and when the song was a hit…i always sing the song with this lyric,"kama, kama, kama, kamaliah…." 🙂

  3. Aemy Shamy says:

    Haha my childhood song! When I heard this song back then, I wanted to pet a chameleon but my mum has phobia of lizard..she thought chameleon is a lizard..hehe

  4. Rungitom says:

    @Azeanthy: Thanks ^_^

    @Chegu Carol: ahaha, sounds right. Just sing it out! XD

    @Aemy: How about now? Still want a chameleon as a pet? 😀

  5. Alv0808 says:

    Tom..mana sa boleh dpt itu cicak? heheh..I want pet..hehe..

  6. HoneyBUZZin says:

    I dislike Lizard..never like Lizard or any spesies relating to it…kindda phobia…just by looking at it!
    🙁 but chameleon changes its' colour according to its' surrounding..and that's what amazed me.

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