HobbyCon 2015: Distant worlds collide


HobbyCon 2015 is just around the corner and the worlds are going to collide! The event will be happening at Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu, from December 12 – 13, 2015.

Online purchase for tickets are closed, but you can still get the tickets on the event day. Walk In Ticket are priced at RM35 for 2 Days Tickets (limited and only available on Day 1) and RM20 for 1 Day Ticket.

The theme this year is Worlds Collide, what kind of unique mashups of characters creatively done cosplayers themselves? You will have to see it for yourself that day!

HC2015 highlights

Good stuff!

Among the highlights for this year HobbyCon 2015 are;

  • Guest cosplayer Lyron Aquino & Misa Chiang-米砂
  • League of Legends Dream Cup competition (hosted by Soul Station Cyber Cafe & powered by Telekom Malaysia Berhad)
  • MASH-IT console game tourney, featuring Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and FIFA 16. You will also get to experience other games as well, check out their booth to find out more!
  • The first ever Cardboard Battle in HobbyCon
  • Tamiya Mini 4WD Competition (hosted by Old Star)
  • TM Cosplay Competition Solo & Group competition
  • Cardfight Vanguard tourney (hosted by Hyperay)
  • “HOBBYCON MOMENTS” Photo contest (details here)
  • Hikaru band to rock your world!
  • Last but not least, see cosplayers from all Borneo and other countries converge in one place!

HC2015 tentative schedule

Tentative schedule are subject to change. Be sure to check out HobbbyCon 2015 latest info updates on Facebook page, Facebook Group and Event page. Who knows, there will be a surprise in store for us all. 😉

Cosplaying again!

So last year, I cosplayed as Donquixote Doflamingo character from One Piece. It was a great and eye opening experience for a first timer cosplayer. The original costume was destroyed as I promised myself to make a better costume version in the future.

2014 cosplay

This year, I will lay down my camera and go full cosplay. I took my time to craft my costume and props, and hopefully I could finish it in time and test it out before the big day.

I will be cosplaying another antagonist character this year, can you guess who? 😛

costume making in progress

Some tips! (A repost)

This tips I mentioned last time in my blog, but please read again! 🙂

Event goers like me should take not on a few things to enjoy the event without undesired complications;

Respect the cosplayers, booth caretaker – Taking photos is fun, but you must also respect the cosplayers and booth caretakers. Cosplayers deserve their rest from time to time , so don’t pull them in again for the sake of taking photos, ask politely and remember to thank them too. Meet again another time if they need to rest.

Some booth caretakers don’t like their products photos being taken, remember to ask and thank them later for their permission.

Hydrate! (HAIL HYDRATE!!) –  Drink enough water so you won’t feel dry and dizzy from walking around, if you’re feeling hungry, eat!

Keep clean – Please do not litter, No one likes to see rubbish everywhere, so do your part to keep the place clean.

Remember your belongings and merchandises bought – Please keep in mind of your important belongings (ID card, money, handbags) and also merchandises you bought from the various booth. I saw quite a few incidents regarding lost items, so be cautious.

With that being said, I wish all the best for all organizing team, cosplayers, vendors and attendees. Lets have fun and make another memorable day for HobbyCon!





Mesti Datang!


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