Upcoming ACG events in Sabah 2016

Last update: 13 September 2016

Looking for ACG (Anime, Comic & Games) + Hobby related events to go in Sabah this year? Well look no further, below here is a list of upcoming events to guide you throughout year 2016. I would also apologize for the lateness of this post to be published, I’ve spend so much time in work and personal stuff that I’ve been keeping this blog under temporary hiatus.

With that being said, here are the upcoming ACG events in Sabah 2016;


1. Sabah Open YoYo Championship 2016(SOYC 16)









Date: 23rd – 24th April 2016
Venue: City Mall, Kota Kinabalu
Event page: facebook.com/events/1530004097298440
Facebook page: Revolution Yoer (Team RevYo)

Sabah Open Yoyo Championship (SOYC) is said to be the one and only Professional YoYo contest organized in Sabah. Aimed to be held annually, this event is organized to promote yo-yoing as a healthy sport to the public. In addition to that, this contest is also aimed to build up the yo-yoing community in Malaysia, specifically Sabah.

The event was made possible by Sabah own professional YoYo group called Team RevYo, I’ve seen them performing and opening up booths for public in ACG events before. They are very skilled yo-yoers that gives an awe to audiences watching. Do check out their Facebook page for latest activities and events.


2. STAR WARS DAY Celebration KK 2016









Date: 14th May 2016, Starting from 2PM to 7PM
Venue: Riverson – The Walk, (between Gleneagles Hospital and KK Times Square)
Event page: facebook.com/events/948341195279365/
Facebook page: facebook.com/rlborneo

The first ever official Star Wars celebration to be held in East Malaysia! This is a great event for every Star Wars fan to gather and show their love for the epic saga. The event is supported by Fightsaber Malaysia and The Rebel Legion. Among the activities for the event are costumers appearance and photo session, kids Jedi training and costume competition, and Fightsaber performance.

While this event is not entirely an ACG event, I would like to put this up in the list in line with activities for hobbyist and popular culture enthusiast.

To find out more info and the latest updates on the activities, please do click the Facebook page and event page link above.


3. MYACON 2.0, 2016









Date: 4th June 2016, Starting from 10AM
Venue: S.M Lok Yuk Hall, Likas
Event page: facebook.com/events/467815626743677
Facebook page: facebook.com/myaconofficial
Ticket price: RM5.00 per person

MYACON is back again after a year of absence with MYACON 2.0.

Exciting new activities awaits visitors on the event day, Board Games and Board Games showcase, Maid Cafe, Just Dance, Art Jam, Time-Attack-Speed-Build contest by Kinabalu Gunpla & Scale Modelers community, Yo-Yo showcase by Team RevYo, and also a special artworks showcase by talented artists such as Zery (Ecobumi’s art + illustration), Muhaimin and Amir Mustaqim (Animation short video), and Lulu San (artworks).

To find out more info and the latest updates on the activities, please do click the Facebook page and event page link above.


4. Sabah Gaming Carnival 2016









Date: 3 – 5 June 2016
Venue: Eastern Plaza & Kubota Square
Facebook page: facebook.com/TawauGamersCommunityTgc
Group page: facebook.com/groups/tawaugamerscommunity

The event slipped under my radar last year, this is another great event not to be missed in Tawau district, east coast of Sabah. The event, organized by Tawau Gamers Community, has already come to its 4th year.

Kicking off on 3rd June with exhibitions, visitors can also spectate gaming tournaments ranging from consoles and PC like FIFA’16, DOTA and League of Legends, Street Fighter 5, and Grand Turismo 6. Cosplay competitions for kids and adults will also be held on the 4th and 5th June respectively, along with special seasoned cosplayer appearance. There will be also showcasing beat-box and modern dance performances for the visitors.

To find out more info and the latest updates on the activities, please do click the Facebook page and group page link above.


5. Magic: The Gathering – Eldritch Moon (by Internet Arena)









Date: 16 July 2016
Venue: Internet Arena, S-1-10, 1st Floor, Block C, Citymall, Kota Kinabalu
Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/1065860603480559
Organizer Facebook page: facebook.com/InternetArenaKK
Entry Fee: RM120.00/person

Another Hobby event for you guys!

Internet Arena is an Internet and Board Game Cafe specializing in Magic: the Gathering, Board Games and laid-back gaming events. In this special pre-release event, participants will get an exclusive alternate-art foil promo card to take home and 1 Eldritch Moon deck box.

To find out more info and the latest updates, please do click the Facebook page and group page link above.


6. Pokémon Go Sabah ‘Lure Gathering’









Date: 13 August 2016, 4PM to 6PM
Venue: Rainforest Park @ Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika, Jalan Penampang, Kota Kinabalu
Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/875189125920666
Organizer: PokemonGo Kota Kinabalu – Team Valor

After the official release of Pokémon Go in Southeast Asia a week prior, the hype of the game creates numerous local fan pages on Facebook.

PokémonGo Kota Kinabalu – Team Valor is the first group to manage and organize a Pokémon Go event in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This event invites all PoGo players to gather and set up Lure Module at the nearby Pokéstop for them to catch pokémon, in the same time became place for interactions between players.


7. Pokémon Go Lucky Dip @ 1Borneo









Date: 19 – 20 August 2016, 12:30PM to 8PM
Venue: 1Borneo Hypermall
Facebook page: facebook.com/1borneohypermall
Organizer: 1Borneo Hypermall
Info source: 1Borneo Hypermall Facebook page post

In conjunction with the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the nation, 1Borneo Hypermall decided to ride in the hype wave by organizing Pokémon Go Lucky Dip. Selected Pokéstops in 1Borneo will be Lure activated within a timeframe, giving PoGo players to gather and catch em all!

Besides that, they are giving prizes in the event, by catching at least 5 different Pokémon at the Pokéstops & claim your reward at the Concierge Counter.


8. Pokémon Go Gathering, in conjunction with Breeze 100th Issue Sunset Carnival









Date: 20 August 2016, 4PM to 10PM
Venue: Boardwalk Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu
Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/1756634171286282
Organizer: Breeze Mag

In conjunction with Breeze magazine 100th Issue Sunset Carnival, a Pokémon Go gathering mini event is held for PoGo players. Apart from that, PoGo related merchandises are also sold during the event.

9. OtaFair (Pre-OtaFuse Mini Event)









Date: 20-21 August 2016
Venue: Ground Floor Main Atrium, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu
Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/1758108821113308
Organizer: OtaFuse

This is a special mini event leading to Otafuse 6: Musical in September. Highlights of this event includes pre-order ticket collection, advance ticket sale, mini contests, cosplay showcase and booths with related merchandises on sale.


10. Pokémon Go Night Walk









Date: 30 August 2016
Venue: Ground Floor Main Atrium, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu
Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/867218000078484
Organizer: Pokemon Go Borneo

This event is organized in conjunction with Merdeka Day eve. The hunting ground start from Old Town White Coffee and all the way to Kota Kinabalu High Court/Menumbok Bus Terminal.


11. Pokémon Go Craze Carnival 1Borneo









Date: 10 – 18 September 2016
Venue: 1Borneo Hypermall
Facebook page: facebook.com/1borneohypermall
Organizer: 1Borneo Hypermall
Info source: 1Borneo Hypermall Facebook page post

1Borneo is launching an event called Pokemon Go Craze Carnival during the school holidays from 10th – 18th September 2016. Besides the 16 Pokestops Mega Lure Session, they have lots of Pokemon Limited Edition gifts up for grabs!

Other activities such as Face Painting, Coloring Contest & also Pokemon Baking sessions with the Pokemon Ambassador will also be happening during the event days. Click on the info source for more details.


12. OtaFuse 6: Musical, 2016









Date: 24th & 25th September 2016, 10AM to 8PM
Venue: 5th & 6th Floor Exhibition Hall, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Event page: facebook.com/events/799343396865767
Facebook page: facebook.com/otafuse
Theme: Musical
Ticketing purchase link: otafuse.com/p/ticketing (Walk-in ticket purchase on the event day is also available)

One of the prominent ACG events in Sabah,

This year’s theme for OtaFuse 6 is Musical. This 2 Days event focuses on Anime, Games, Comic & Cosplay and Japan culture. Among highlights for this event are Special Guest, Cosplay Competition, Anime Challenge, AniSong Singing Competition and OtaFuse Party Night. More updates are coming so its best to check out the Facebook page and Facebook event page link above.

Otafuse 6 Special Guests includes;

  • Hitomi, Top Maid & President of @home Cafe – The most popular Maid Cafe in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Akatsuki Tsukasa 紅月司 and Mon夢, Both beautiful and widely popular cosplayer from Taiwan.

13. Fight Fest & HobbyCon Presents: SUPER COS FIGHT









Date: 29 October 2016
Venue: Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Info source: Facebook post
Organizer: Fight Fest & HobbyCon

In conjunction with Fight Fest III: Kingdom Comes and in collaboration with HobbyCon, SUPER COS FIGHT is set to happen on 29 October 2016 at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.

The organizers are inviting interested participants to join in the contest, cosplay as your favourite fighting character and stand a chance to win great prizes! Check out the Facebook post link above for more details.


14. HobbyCon 10/HobbyCon X, 2016









Date: 10th & 11th December 2016, Starting from 10AM
Venue: Likas Sports Complex, using a new layout (to be available soon)
Facebook page: facebook.com/hobbycon
Facebook Group page: facebook.com/groups/HobbyCon
Ticket price: Early Bird Pack (From 1 August to 30 September 2016, RM25), T-Shirt Pack (RM70), Online Ticket Purchase (1 – 30 October 2016, RM30)

Its the 10th anniversary of HobbyCon this year, they have just announce a star spangles guests for this year and some activities making a comeback. Check out the guests lineup below!

HobbyCon 10: Special Guests includes, 茶叶小果 – Cosplay (Chayexiaoguo) from China, The Art of Mezame from Singapore, Abam Apam from Malaysia, Onnies from Thailand and King from Taiwan!


Do visit HobbyCon official social channels for more latest updates!


These list of upcoming ACG events in Sabah are tentative and information may change in time, if you know of any ACG related event but not listed here, please share it with me in the comment section. I will also include past event since January 2016 in my next update.

Also to add in to the list this year, events that are not entirely ACG (Anime Comic & Games) event, but lies n the line of hobby and popular culture events, for example Star Wars, KanColle, Touken Ranbu, Yo-Yo, Plastic Modelling (Plamo), Board Games, etc. I believe these kind of events should be given more exposure, one of it would be this event listing. 🙂




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