Pulutan Saturday

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I have been in a happy mood, sad mood, frustration mood this week on several occasions, talk about mixed emotions. Nonetheless, I continue my life, stop being sad and be awesome to others for great inspiration , plus I don’t like ladies being sad, it reminds my love mistakes in the past.

What I’m showcasing today is… Pulutan~ or in other name Cempedak. That sweet smelling fruit with sticky sap, the edible arils surrounding the large seeds(so they say in Wiki) ranged from pale yellow to extreme orange(especially on hybrids species). By the way, pulutan is a local name we call it in Sabah, not to be confused with Philippines pulutan.

Either we eat it just like that or mix it with flour and fry it just like pisang goreng/fried banana. My mom did that this morning with a twist, first she boil the pulutan contents (I don’t know how long), then she mix it with flour and fry it. Results, tasty fried pulutan with edible seed and she even fried some of the seeds too, all served with tea.

I eat whole of them including the seed itself, so I have this sweet-floury-creamy tasting fried pulutan. The fried seed has no taste, but its creamy to be enjoyed just like that.

I enjoyed the morning breakfast with my family…

How I wish dad was with us together…. I miss him so much, hope he is good up there.

Post Scriptum:
Tested many blogger xml templates today, but not one template to be impressed with.

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