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  1. GladysDavid says:

    LOL. mana you jumpa dis?
    Logo yg paling i rembe is the ones from 1990-1996. after that, its just some vague memories. That logo from 2000-2006 paling buyuk coz recycle the same one for 7 years lol.

  2. Dewi Batrishya says:

    HaHaHaHa.. mana ko kurik ni? 😛
    Neways. Happy Independence Day to Malaysia.
    Happy holiday to the rets of us.. 😛

  3. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    wow, u actually found all these! happy merdeka!

  4. Rungitom says:

    Well ladies, I was been thinking last night, what are the logo and themes used previously. After series of raking out info through the interwebs, I found these and shared it.

    @Gladys: dorang recycle tu logo untuk save design hari kemerdekaan yang ke-50 kali, ahahaha.

  5. maslight says:

    OMFG I dun think I know most of it 🙂
    Interesting post 🙂

  6. Rungitom says:

    Now you know it all 😀

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