Suria Sabah: A glimpse from my eyes

Keywords: Suria Sabah, Mega Shopping Mall, Reject Shop, Bender…

Suria Sabah has been opening(soft opening) since 3rd of December last week but because of my busy weekdays, I only managed to enjoy eye-candying the place on Saturday. Snap pictures here and snap pictures there, I feel like I’m the tourist. Maybe because I’m wearing a jacket bearing my company’s name in Korean language, LOL.

Like all soft opened buildings, the is still a lot place under construction. As stated on their official website, there are all 8 floors… wait, 8 floors? so far I visited only like 3 – 4 floors. Metrojaya is on every floor I visited (mujajaja, they conquered all!), its pretty awesome what merchandise Metrojaya has to offer seriously, for example the Christmas decorations, that are very-very beautiful, that’s why its a total eye-candy for me just to be there. Some beauty/glam shops are open too, fast food restaurants making their way on the Lower Ground.

So the lists of shops opened/will be opened so far(got this through google):
Lower Ground Floor
Imperial Optic
Hush Puppies Shoes
Fong Sang Yik
Lazo Diamond
3 Dot
Multi Bake
Focus Point
Natural Kitchen
The Chicken Rice shop
Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
Kenny Rogers
Pizza Hut

Ground Floor
Habib Jewel
Secret Recipe
Body Shop
Voir Gallery

First Floor
In Fashion
Glitz De’ Boutique
Black Queen
Ms. Read
The Mod House
Fabiano Ricco
Voir Gallery
Heat Wave

Second Floor
Times Book Store
Joy Greeting
Harmonic AV

Third Floor
Eu Yan Sang
Natural Green House
Little Me
Sport Mart
MJ Reject Shop <— I brought a t-shirt bearing Bender’s face!(remember Futurama?)
Suria Food Court

I’m hoping of things to come in the future at Suria Sabah… Now, pics or did it happen.. It did!


Suria Sabah view from outside

One section inside Suria Sabah

Metrojaya, Ground Floor section

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Pizza Hut and KFC

Christmas deco-deco at…dunno which floor

mannequins..lots and lots of mannequins

and… wanna bring my girl here someday…


Follow Suria Sabah on their official website and facebook updates. Sabahans especially those who live near, go and have a visit there, see it for yourself. More pics and info to come in the future…

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