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Well, for your information this post marks…


It was November 2, 2009 when I first wrote my blog post on blogger; and a lot of things happened since then. I learned to blog seriously, joined Borneo Colours and meet many blogger friends online.

Inspiration behind making this blog? Well, it was created from deep inside my heart, materialized in blogger; a place in which I could share my thoughts, not just personal ones but other issues as well.

I don’t want my blog to be so constrained into one narrow category, so my blog contains about my life stories, entertainment, babes, jokes and also informational post.

Writers block and laziness always occur, but I would not simply leave my blog just like that; not this time. As my readers growing, I need to make my blog post better in many ways to keep them refreshed and entertained or maybe be well informed.

That’s why your comments are very well appreciated; without you readers my blog may be lifeless at all. A very big thank you for supporting my blog, love you all ♥.

Rungitom, so how does this name end up as my blog name?


A fruit, the dark version of the Pulasan fruit and also the origin of my nickname. Actually I was thinking of naming my blog, based on one my favorite Michael Learns To Rock song, Looking At Love.

But someone else have already taken it, in my brainstorming I think of Rungitom; googled it and found nothing that relates to to the word Rungitom itself. After a few discussions with my friend(who is also a fellow blogger), Analog Girl… Rungitom Life was online.

One thing that has not changed is my blog design, still with its Minimalis Black design; I made testblogrungitom to be my experimental blog. Testing and all is ongoing. Signed up a Twitter account, will also think of making one for Formspring too.

Still more changes to come, still more stories to tell. Stay with me and I will tell you my story…

Oh yes, feel free to browse to my old blog post.






Still more changes to come, still more stories to tell. Stay with me and I will tell you my story…


Update Dec 2014: Its now less than 100, after a major migration (Blogspot to WordPress) and a few blog entries deleted.

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3 Responses

  1. Cath J says:

    hoorayyy…. rajin2 blog ahhh… 🙂

  2. Santafire says:

    happy hundredth!

  3. Rungitom says:

    @Cath J: Thanks, mesti mau rajin2 sudah ni.

    @Santafire: Thanks for your support ^_^

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