Bom chicka wah wah~

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You got the Axe Effect? Well commercials about Axe deodorant body spray has been aired on our TV for quite some time now; I’m pretty sure that you guys found it pretty funny and kinda weird. The scent that drives ladies head over heels and the urge to give phone number to the lucky guy; who doesn’t want like that eh guys? The ads we saw on Malaysian TV was actually made in Indonesia.

So what exactly the special ingredient in making this deodorant body spray?


Aha yes, the phrase that got me goggling on the interwebs,

Bom Chicka Wah Wah – Onomatopoeia (meaning word that is spelled like a sound) that is supposed to stand for 70′s guitar Porn-riff. Usually this is the music that came on when the action was just about to get started. It has been used in a subcultural context to denote any porn-like or pornified situation.

Nothing really porny about Axe though, but it does flaunt it being a chic-giving-phone-number-magnet. In my opinion, the first deodorant I brought, Africa have a strong scent that I don’t like(why did I even bother buying it?); should have brought the Chocolate one, smells nice and kinda tasty; just like the commercial tells us.

Enough with Axe story, lets move on on whats happening in Rungitom Life. Currently my money is depleting, sent 3 job applications via online, taking time on Twitter, practicing artwork, playing emulator games(Pokemon anyone?) and blog post planning. I just channel out my boredom to something else while I’m still jobless; somehow I wonder when will this jobless day will be over.

But I remember what fellow blogger Ned said to me, “Good work doesn’t go unnoticed forever”; so, even if the odds are against you and you feel betrayed or discriminated, just keep on doing you best. Good things will come eventually, and you’ll be surprised how it ends. I have yet to find my end of the story arc, but when I do found out, I’ll be sure to tell it to you readers soon.

Oh yeah… I need a hair cut.






Good work doesn’t go unnoticed forever – Ned

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3 Responses

  1. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    bom chicka wah wah ~

  2. Rungitom says:

    You like it? hehehe

  3. TheWanderingSumandak...... says:

    never seen that deodorant so far..

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