Long train running: Near from home

The first thing that comes up in my mind when thinking of a weird title for this post, a tongue in cheek for a song title and upcoming MCU movie title. It was a tiring short first week of 2019, with all that moving going on.

Last commute home from work

This will be the first time for me since I started working in 2007, no more long commute to work and no more frequent unavoidable coming home late. Now I have even less reason to go to the seaside concrete jungle. New workplace in Inanam area has it all. Yep, good ol’ Inanam.

Last view from the rear facing KDCA, gonna miss it..

Friday came by and the work starts in the old Bundusan office. The sheer mess of boxes and furnitures quickly diminished to leftover debris by afternoon, leaving some bits of memories of the old office before we left the place for good.

I need to request a fix for my chair.

The moving was made quick from the old location, but ended pretty late at night given the sheer amount of stuff brought over. Late night made my mind fixated on my bed at home and feeling how wonderful it is to sleep right at that moment. Eventually I ended up playing Fallout 4 until 2AM after getting home. Heck…

Man the floor looks comfy

Though the moving to new office was over, its time to rearrange and getting the office and myself work ready because time waits for no human, 2019 does feels like time pass by faster than Thanos flicking his finger. Who know how long will this take to be finished…




New Year, (Not) New Me, New Work Location, Near From Home.


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