Rungitom: Year 10

After 10 year, this blog is still alive(online) and kicking! Although the blog does had its fair share of dusty hiatus now and then. Wish I still had the same juicy overflowing ideas years back, but I guess its back to square one into this new landscape, because much has changed this past 10 years.

With those “baggages” of past years finally lifted away, tying up loose ends would be my main questline for 2019. Lets just hope I’m not sucked into some sidequesting again.

Perhaps some upbeat song to usher in the year 2019? SSSS Gridman opening song UNION by OxT. Until my next post soon, stay strong and hope whatever you have planned will come to beautiful fruition this year.

And yes, the training to write down the correct year in dates officially begins.




Whatever it is that you planned for 2019, lets get it on shall we?

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