HobbyCon 2013: The 200% Experience

Reminiscing back to this year’s HobbyCon, I really had an awesome time at the event. Despite my camera lens problem I managed to get some good photographs and also make many new friends!

I’ve attended HobbyCon event since 2011, back when they shifted the venue at Suria Sabah. Back then, Mas Light @ Massy (blogger friends at first) and Pjal Sama (accidentally met him at McD) became my first friends.

Massy as McMassy :P

Massy as McMassy 😛

Pjal in Pedobear mode

Pjal in Pedobear mode

I also met my kampung buddy who is into cosplay, Glen. Thats a big surprise!


This year, my involvement was not just a visitor or photographer, but also helping out as an Exhibitor with Afzakri ‘Zack’ boardgame area for the event (a very big thanks to you Zack for this opportunity! :) ). I got to know Daniel Marcus and Jack Law along the way.

Zack showing the visitors how to play the boardgame

Zack showing the visitors how to play the boardgame

Jack and some friends playing some mini games

Jack and some friends playing some mini games

Daniel explaining the world of Battletech

Daniel explaining the world of Battletech

I got to mingle with the organizing crews and get an insight on how they work during the whole event. In the end, everything was top notch, the visitors, the cosplayers, security, games for visitors, and also the live performances.

I also didn’t miss the opportunity to wake up the inner child in me, from wearing masks, fun with cosplay props, getting nostalgic feels, photo with cute cosplayers, playing with Darth Vader and be the Happy Dancing Totoro. I would like to thank the cosplayers who was kind enough to lend me their props to capture these great moments.

The experience was totally overwhelming that I’m already counting days towards the next one in 2014. Anyway, you guys can check out the photos I took here, DAY 1 | DAY 2 | RANDOM EDITION

From 2011 to 2013

Here are some photographs I took from the same people each year, first a stranger now friends, I love seeing their progress in costume making and personification of the character they are cosplaying.

Dist E. Dan

I didn’t realized I met him in HobbyCon 2011 before I befriend him in 2012. His Date Masamune costume rocks, this year he didn’t make it to HobbyCon. Hope to see him again next year. :)

Aika Kawasaki

Met her first time in HobbyCon 2011, she got prettier and prettier in cosplaying each year. Aika also won the Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Cafe contest held in HobbyCon this year.

Aika poses for the camera after winning the Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Cafe contest. Photo: New Straits Times

Aika poses for the camera after winning the Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Cafe contest. Photo: New Straits Times

Skye Symphonie

I really love her cosplay as Catwoman in HobbyCon 2011, she goes on and made epic cosplay the following year. Her attention to details on character she played was pretty cool. She is really a remarkable cosplayer in Sabah. :)


I met him at HobbyCon 2011, simple yet amazing.


When I first met her at HobbyCon 2011, I mistaken her for a guy! Oh my… Good thing we finally talked and became friends this year, she’s cool I tell ya. :D


A lady who I only know as Faolan, she has this expression that really fits well in ant character she cosplayed. :)


I actually met her the first time in Otafuse 2012, she does great job making costume and props for cosplaying.


She is super cute, nuff said. Love seeing her in any cosplay outfit. :)


Last but not least, Jna and her epic cosplay. One of the best!

The future

I love how HobbyCon grew from just a small gathering to a very well known Hobby & ACG event in Borneo. There is no doubt that HobbyCon 2014 will bring in more surprises and more cosplayers come together. Big thanks to the organizing team, for making the event a very successful one this year.

Next year I will be joining HobbyCon again, not to photograph… but to cosplay. Planning in progress, I will have my cosplay debut next year.



So much love!

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