21 random questions for dad

Post #7: 21 random questions for dad
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(Atilia)Hey dad, can you come over here? we have something to ask you about.
Atilia, didn’t you see I’m preparing Bak Kut Teh here? Later ok.
(Darren) Oh dad come on, it will be a quick one. Besides the soup is not boiling yet, hehehe.
Darren? didn’t I told you to to take the laundry, its going to rain soon. Mom is busy, so help mom to take the laundry.
(Darren)Umm, it’s already done like 5 minutes ago. Come on dad, pleaseee~
Awwhh, alright alright, I’m coming.


So… Whats up?
We got some random interview questions for you dad~
And who’s idea is this? mom?
Nooo, its was actually an idea from Miss Zell. She told me that you never did the interview post in your blog. So she ask me to do it for you, and I can score some extra marks.
Crap… I totally forgot that Zell was your lecturer. Alright Atilia, bring it on…
(Darren) Haha, cool!!

Random Question time!!!

Question #1: Pick a year from 2010 to 2010. This will be the base of your next questions.
Like I have any choice…

Question #2: At what time you always get up in the morning?
That time… I think like around 5 ~ 6AM

Question #3: Which of these do you have many, male or female friends?
Balanced? I think more ladies, I was “singled out” at that time.
(Darren)Yeah, singled out, haha.

Question #4: When the 1st time you’re in a relationship?
Waaay back in 2007, a lady named Wenn was my first girlfriend, too bad it only last like 1 month after flirting like 2 years with her.
(Darren) Lame..
(Atilia) Shut it Darry, I mean it!

Back to the question,
Question #5: Do you know how to cook? What is the super duper cooking that you can make?
Does the Bak Kut Teh counts?
Nope, come on dad, year 2010~
aiee… ok, omelette, fried anchovies, fried kalian, chicken soup… there.

Question #6: What is the most funniest thing that ever happened in your life?
Once upon a time in my high school days, it was after school time and we are waiting for the tuition class to start. So me and my friends go out from school, just to steal some rambutan fruit next to someone’s house.

Our operation was disrupted when someone from the house I mentioned yelled to us, we ran away through the thick grass and the highway. One of my friend fell into a drain and wet his pants, we tried helped him but ended up all of us fell into the drain as well.… We have tough times to get out from the drain.. it was pretty deep. My pants and shoes are wet and dirty, I explained to grandma about the incident, but never mentioned about our “operation“.

(Darren, playing asleep) Krooooohhhh~
… Very funny Darren.

Hahaha~ ok next!
Question #7: And what is the most craziest thing you have ever done?
I think the previous answer is fit for this question too.. no comment. Well there are other things, I’ll talk about that later.
Aww dad~
No aww, next!!

Question #8: What position you held when you’re in high school?
Head of class.. next!

Question #9: How many times in a month do you hang out with friends?
In 2010 right? well, not so often like I do now… I don’t have a car back then. Public transportation is the way to travel.

Question #10: Dengan kawan-kawan guna bahasa aku/ saya/ atau nama sendiri?
Ai? napa pula tiba2 jadi Malayu ni? bah, this is what I use “Sya” and “Sa”, thats it. Your mom style of speech was a bit different, so I do use my nickname when talking to her back then.

Hahahaha, cool kan?, lek bah dad, saja ja tu,
Question #11: Do you have a partner or not? if so, how long have you been together?
Well that year… ah, my partner is mom up until now, who else?
(Darren) Betul bah? bukan that year ka?
I’ll refresh on that matter later on, next!! I smell the aroma of my cooking already.

Question #12: What is the thing or something that irritates you.
People who betray my trust, I seriously hate that.

Question #13: If there is unknown person asked for your mobile number, what is your response?
Well people don’t usually ask for my number, I just give it to them if its important business of for friends only. Thats the first step on how I know your mom actually.

Question #14: When you just received a large sum of money, what is the first thing you’re going to buy?
In 2010, I dedicate a large sum of my money to support the family, been doing that since grandpa passed away.

Question #15: What is your glamourous name at high school?
Fred, thats it.

Question #16: You always spend credits (sms / call) for whom?
I spend the most in my entire single life for mom, because we love to chat anytime and anywhere. Those were the days…

Question #17: Did you wish ever come true at that time? what did you wished for?
In 2010 I wished for a better life and good relationship, but it turned out bad and I broke up with my girlfriend. Thank God I found your mom…

Question #18: What is the thing that grossed you out?
Hmm… Dirty, stinky and unmanageable public toilet.. YUCK!!
(Atilia & Darren) EWWWWWW!~

Question #19: Did you…
Wait!, how many questions is this, my cooking is going to be burned if I wait too long.
(Mom) Its ok dear, I got it… go on with interview.
Hey, you were here the whole time?
(Mom)… most of it.
(Darren)Beep!!~ continue interview!!~

Question #19: Did you ever get badly injured or in a freak accident?
Its a long story on how I got this, aah~ will tell you about it someday, next!!

Question #20: What is the thing that can distract you from mom?
Well, I’m doing it right now.
(Mom) *giggled*

Okaayyy~ Last ques… wait for it … tion!!

Question #21: What is the last thing you want to do in this world?
I want to achieve something, making sure you kids grow up right and get married to the right partner, plus having a beautiful life together as a family. That is all, simple huh?
(Atilia) Aww dad, that is so sweet. *hug*
(Darren) Hey what about me? *hug*
(Mom) count me in, *group hug*
Uggh, *suffocating* ok.. you guys can let go now. Phew, the love was overwhelming!
(Mom) Hehe, Bak Kut Teh is ready, lets have a feast!
(Atilia) No rice please, on diet!
(Darren) Make extra for me!
Come, lets eat!
(Atilia) Huhuhu, Miss Zell will be pretty exited to read my interview article. 😉







You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. ~ Desmond Tutu

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  1. Angel says:

    Awe..wait for it…some! Wow. I like your idea of a family. And you could cook Bak Kut Teh? Bertuah dorang c Darren and Atilia 🙂

  2. Del Glamiva says:

    Say, if you need any help with the columns, feel free to ask me. Done this many times already.

  3. Rungitom says:

    @Angel: It will be totally awesome! Preparing Bak Kut Teh?, I'm still in the process of learning it. I'm sure I will be an expert before they both are born. 😉

    @Glamiva: I'm still in the middle of testing the codes, will buzz you when I hit the iceberg. 😉

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