The 14th

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10 + 4 is 14, ahahaha~

First day on the new job today, felt a big level gap between me and the rest of the crew; sometimes I doubt myself to be surviving on this fast paced work environment. I’m not giving up that easily, I will try and learn the very best until I’ve become an expert… Master Expert.

Da Big Gap…

Da Big Gap…

“Customer Care Consultant”

Thats the name of my new job at Maxis Center; My responsibilities?

  • Sell and promote Maxis products, Handsets, Advanced Data Services ( ADS ) and other Value Added Services ( VAS ) to walk-in customers.
  • Attend to customer’s queries, providing technical assistance and resolving technical issues including trouble shooting and configuration of mobile devices.
  • Conduct product demonstration, installation and customer training specialisation on mobile devices.
  • Generate sales contract and perform complete Order Fulfilment Duties.
  • Provide superior after sales service.

Hard? I’m just getting the hang of it, memorizing all the postpaid packages, the iPhone & Blackberry packages and also give customers all the information they need. The hard part is to maintain their satisfaction, the phone repair request and other telco related requests.

Also, I’m not mingling into a vast information system of all the customers; thats a big challenge for me to do things correctly, just a little error would be fatal(srsly!)

In the process, I’ve made new friends; Vin is my mentor, training me to be an expert like him(he really is, Superman!). I spend the whole day memorizing the telco offer packages, as well as observing on how they work and interact with customers.

Looks like I’m going to build up my Charisma skill to greater level, and cope with the fast paced work life; great rewards awaits in the future and more great work experiences. I may need a Blackberry phone… for work purposes.





Work smart and don’t ever give up trying…

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9 Responses

  1. Gladys David says:


    Whoa that's a whole load of things to remember. THough i know you can do it X)

    U in koboi town now?

  2. Cath J says:

    Great… just hang on there… next time its your turn to teach some1 who think he was like you now.. hihihi…

    telco company is challenging.. but hey.. good paid what.. ;-p

    I was with DIGI before become a 'home minister'… hahhahaha.. but I am into technical.. lagi pening! no no.. sama saja tu pening dia…hehehhehe

  3. Yuz says:

    Keep it cool bro ^___^ You work at Warisan Square Maxis HQ?

  4. Rungitom says:

    @Gladys: I'm going other district instead, dunno where.

    @Cath J: I will be in the Technical and Customer Service ;_;

    @Yuz: I'm at Damai HQ, I'm keeping it cool yeah~

  5. Santafire says:

    All the best in what you do^^

  6. Dewi Batrishya says:

    Rungi Tom Tom, YOU CAN DO THIS!! XD
    You'll get the hang of it.. eventually.. Heeee~

  7. Rungitom says:

    @Santafire: Arigato Sai-chan, all the best for you too 😉

    @Dewi: Thanks, will do 😀

  8. Yuz says:

    cool, be patient on peep's demand, they'll make you insane :p

  9. Aly89 says:

    Good luck in ur new job…:)

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