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Post #6: Baked tausa
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Kids, if there’s anything fun to do on holidays that would be baking, well one of it. You know uncle Eddy and grandma always help each other to bake cookies, making kuih pisang and much more. I worked with uncle Eddy last Christmas 2007, we made a cake, a chocolate cake. But it doesn’t go well, and I ended up eating a big portion of the cake because no one else would eat it; I was ok after several visit to the toilet after eating it… not! I made that up, seriously it was not that bad, lol

So one day on December 2010(its a holiday), after spending quite some time online, I came downstairs from my room to find uncle Eddy and grandma making some delicacies.


Intrigued, I watched them closer, they were busy baking Tausa Piang. The process was not that complicated, the dough was a mix of flour, water and this white paste they call vegetable oil paste. the dough will then be rolled like 3 times before being stuffed with the tasty tausa (red bean) paste, finally a layer of egg mixture brushed on top of the piang made before waiting in line to be baked.

0002-tausa 0003-theprocess

Then I decided to make one as well, I’m a quick learner so I did it pretty quickly.. yeah, dad’s feminine side is kicking in. I even put in more tausa paste in the piang I make, greedy huh? Aunt Fay helped too, she did it quite well for her age at that time. And there is one failed creations among all the nicely made ones,


I made a special design for the last piece of dough, because there was limited source of tausa, I just left it empty… Introducing Gingy-Man!!


No, it doesn’t look like a finger, can’t you kids see the face?
I’m not sure how long it takes to bake em, I go online again to wait for the piang to be ready. When its taken out from the oven by aunt Fay, I quickly took my portion and run back to my room. I realized that I didn’t have my lunch that day, so the piang tausa will do to ease my hunger.


So that kid, is the story on how I got into baking in every holiday season with uncle Eddy and grandma…

Dad, didn’t you said that you wanna tell us a the story on how you met mom?
Well, its kinda long story, and this is one of the important part in my life, oh, your mom is coming! I will tell you the story someday soon ok?
Aww dad, not again! come one finish it up.
Next time kid, I promise…







When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste. ~ Laiko Bahrs

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11 Responses

  1. ZeLL~LeaH says:

    write more entries like diz….i like!!!! HAHAHHAHHA~~~~~

  2. beaty says:

    wah sedap tu tausa owhh..mcm lapar pula

  3. N'gelz says:

    looks delicious..;)

  4. Rungitom says:

    @Zell: Hehe, glad you like it. Will do more of the same version in the future. 😉

    @Beaty: Bah, mau buat Piang Tausa juga? senang ja tu.

    @N'gelz: It is! ^_^

  5. Angel says:

    Haha. Comel tu Gingy-man 🙂

  6. Angel says:

    This entry smells like baked tausa. It also smells like How I Met Your Mother! (Baru perasan ni sa. Kasian kan)

    I love it! Bah, tulis, 'I have a blogger friend named Aunt Angel'. haha!

  7. Berry says:

    pretty new layout! 😀

  8. Rungitom says:

    @Angel: it smells delicious and legendary! Aunt Angel? will do something like that soon. 😉

    @Berry: Hello Berry, thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  9. The Royal`s says:

    nice! eh the tausa looks familiar la tom. think i've seen it somewhere here but lupa sudah apa nama nya hehe.

    oh btw, my blog revamp.. fail! haha i worked 2 nights on it. couldn't find suitable template that i could work on its HTML hehe. will try another time.

  10. Cindy Chriselda JC says:

    nice 1!! wanna try to baked it 1 day..:)

  11. Rungitom says:

    @Mimie: Well keep on testing the right templates ya, I'm sure you will find the right one for your blog.
    The tausa piang is actually a common snack here in Borneo and maybe other places as well.

    @Cindy: Hmmm, maybe I will post the recipe for making tausa piang, hehe.

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