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Monday rolled out just fine today, off to work as usual. Some people are just too lazy to be working again, I wonder whats on their mind anyway? Cuti terus laa kalau malas kerja bah, tanam anggur. 😛


Remember I talked about my Sony Ericsson W800i camera on my last post? Well, I tested out the camera difference with my friend’s Sony Ericsson C905. I’ve done it after we have our lunch at Suria Food Court, which is not far from my our office. Here they are, please note that there is no editing done to the actual picture; I just put border and signature.

Picture using SE W800i modded camdriver.

Picture using SE W800i modded camdriver.

Picture using SE C905

Picture using SE C905

My W800i sucks, C905 which have a 5Mp camera is much more better. I took this picture also to show the haze condition that engulfed around the city; doesn’t the government issue a warning for this?, I mean its getting worse.

Visibility is deteriorating and the air condition is unhealthy, people could get sick easily. Condition they say, is a lot better in west Malaysia; occasional rain cools down the temperature.

What about Kota Kinabalu?


Well, it was kinda cloudy after 12PM… but thats it, somewhere around KK people are experiencing a light rain shower; just enough to make the roads damp enough and car windshield decorated with water drops. Just like Gladys experienced it in her blog post.

I didn’t feel any rain when I walked home form work, just a sprinkle…a little sprinkle of rain water, too subtle to be noticed by busy people passing under the open sky.

At home, while going online… I pondered myself to get a new spectacles, its like years since I stopped wearing it. I don’t know what’s the reason I stopped wearing it, but lately I have this urge to get a new one.

Rungi-Specs history

Rungi-Specs history

I fear that the degree of my “eye damage” is getting even worse now, since I haven’t been using it for years. Maybe I should check up on it tomorrow, see if its getting bad or not…

Here goes Rungitom in 4 eyes again. I will never ever use contact lens though, too much hassle and all that process to even wearing it. So contact lens option is a no go.


On the side note, I have (almost) reached the quota limit… guess I’m a mega heavy user.






The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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5 Responses

  1. Dewi Batrishya says:

    LOL.. I'm Missing kk.. vewy vewy much!
    Been thinking of buying a new hp..
    C905's Pic does look nicey nicey.. ^^
    But sony always come up with latest, updated
    and Expensive gadgets! Huahua..
    Mana la mo kurik duit ni.. >.<

  2. Gladys David says:

    The haze is mainly some inconsiderate citizens juga. Everyday on my way back or to work, i will see at least one open burning activity.

    How stupid is that? Mau rumah dia lagi kena bakar kali. People seems to berebut wanting to contribute to this nasty haze.

  3. Rungitom says:

    @Dewi: kena kumpul2 laa dulu ni duit ehehehe.

    @Gladys: But spontaneous combustions also contributes to this. I agree on you that some people just don't get what's happening to the environment.

  4. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    boxxy! u love her or hate her?

  5. Rungitom says:

    Not really a big fan, but I don't hate her thats for sure ^_^

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