My Christmas carol days

Post #8: My Christmas carol days
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(Darren)This better be a good story dad.
Sure, you will enjoy this one while we wait mom prepare her specialty.

You know kids, a Christmas time is not complete without a great Christmas carol. Listening to them singing brings joy and happiness to everyone listening.

(Darren) Yeah, I know that dad, you talked about this last year too.
Really? Then I just tell it again to refresh your memory.

Back in 2003, after I finished SPM, is where I first joined the carolling group in our community. Actually I joined the group because there was a carolling competition at the church, we practiced and practiced; and ultimately won… umm, I think second place.

After that we moved on as the carolling team around the kampung. Although I hesitated to join at first but somehow after a few nights of singing and mingling with new friends, I loved it. In the dark night of Christmas advent, suited up with white long sleeved shirt, maroon overcoat and black slacks; we walked from home to home spreading the good news and joy of Christmas, there were many funny things happened along the way… so much that I can’t remember what it was, hehe.

(Darren) It was like many many years ago dad, of course you forget some of em.

Yeah ok, continuing on…

Kitobu Carollers

So as we are singing, there is one major problem we had, that is holding the lit candle.

Holding lit candle

The melted wax from the lit candle is not very soothing when it hit the hand holding it, what we did was we tear a piece the candle box and put it on top so that the melted candle wax does not flow to the hand.

I had this idea to design a thing called the “Wax Stopper”, well I didn’t actually named that thing back then, I just thought of the name now.

(Darren) A what?
… nevermind..

It is round piece of cardboard, with a hole in the middle for the candle to be inserted. Then I began to put some drawings on it and cover with a layer of cellophane tape, this was my first design,

the front

the back

(Darren) Ok, I never heard you mentioned about this before…
Hehe, thats why you have to listen, anyway back to the story…

I put more details on the drawing and the design on the next version. There are 4 layers all together, on top of all the cellophane tape layer for protection, another one is the drawing layer where I draw some pictures, and the base layer,

G Savior

This was made for your uncle, Eddy

Third layer, O-Ring

Third layer, O-Ring

Also the O-Ring, locks the Wax Stopper in place, unlike the previous version which was kinda loose and easily fell off. Moreover, it prevents the way from leaking through the hole.

The final version, have all the aspects like the previous ones, but the layers are doubled. I have to apply some strong glue to actually keep it on hold firmly together. The new and final version is harder now that it has a double layer, and my creativity spilled beautifully on both side of the Wax Stopper.

(Darren) Wait, why must you put cellophane tape as the top layer?
Cellophane tape for the top layer? Its because the wax will not stick to it when it dried, it can be easily cleaned off and reused again.

Upper layer, consists of the drawing layer and 1 cardboard layer

Upper layer, consists of the drawing layer and 1 cardboard layer

The bottom layer

The bottom layer

And that is how my friends got interested and wanted me to make for them as well, and I do it for free. We enjoyed so much at that time and I actually missed that times.

Kitobu Carollers

(Darren) Looks like I will follow your step in carolling dad, its December already and we’ve practicing a lot at aunty Fay house.
Really, or is it because Vanida, the cute girl you adore so much that you posted so much about her secretly in your Facebook… eh?

(Darren) Aww man, you don’t have to say like that~
Hahaha, just kidding. But don’t let aunt Fay down okay, do your best for the team ok.</p>

(Darren) For sure dad!
High 5!!~

Team carollers photo courtesy of Mr. Francis Jinir






The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas. ~ WC Jones

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6 Responses

  1. Cindy Chriselda JC says:

    owww…how i miss to join the christmas carol.huhu..

  2. Rungitom says:

    Its a great experience right? I missed it too, but life goes on and carollers changes.

  3. DoRa says:

    I never join, not even once! 🙂 cool wax stopper. I believe our church carolling team use cups, it look like Christmas bells

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