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For this post about, I’m going to tell about the famous pisang goreng stall in Kota Marudu. Actually its basically a small truck converted into a functional vending stall dubbed “Restoran Bergerak”.


The boss said the spend about RM20000 to modify including a good sound system and video display. The mobile stall operates daily, but on weekends, they shifted place from the usual place for food vendors to the Jalan Mawar parking lot; which basically near our PUR centre.

After they parked the truck-stall on a perfect location, the back enclosure is opened, cooking gas cylinder rolled out to set up the cooking stove.


The came the long preparation, first up the banana itself. They chose to use bananas that is not fully ripe but just perfect to be eaten; I can see why, the banana stay solid and looked good after it has been fried.


The banana flour mixture is still mystery to me, the boss himself made the mixture. One things for sure that there is traces of sesame seeds.


While they’re preparing that, 2 cooking wok filled with cooking oil is heated up for the next step.

0005-HeatingUp 0006-CookingTime

And there begins the endless cycle of preparation and cooking until they are out of bananas to be used. Before these boys came, there a few girls who worked earlier in April. Guess they had a change of staffs, somewhere in mid June I guess; up until the last days of our PUR centre the boys are doing the job.


And yes, the stall is always full of customers, with more than RM100 worth of pisang goreng sales every day. In some free times, we always brought some pisang goreng from them but we also made bad jokes about them. We talked about the plastic cooked with pisang goreng incident in KK, and popped out…

“Plastik apa dorang pakai hari ni?”
“Sa rasa plastik warna oren, sebab warna dia oren semacam ja”

Ah, a good joke while eating evening tidbits. Here is a picture of the crew of some good memories,


If you get to Pekan Baru, Kota Marudu make sure to drop by. Buying just RM1 will do if you want to cuba-test-try

And thats wraps up for my story coverage in Kota Marudu, there are good and bad memories while I was working there. I’m glad to be back in my own hometown, and all the pictures and experiences I had there will be a part of my life colours.


Our picture taken at Pitas during sunset.

Meantime, my blog on Sims 3 Legacy Challenge has been updated, feel free to visit and drop some comments about my storytelling.





The end of the journey doesn’t mean the end story, we continue on on a new path and greater adventure…

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4 Responses

  1. anN says:

    wa.. didn't expect somebody will post an entry about this restoran bergerak hehe.. btw, I just ate that pisang goreng last Saturday when I went back to KM. It was delicious 🙂

  2. Rungitom says:

    Hehe, great! We always play around with them with "teka-teki" questions in our boring times.

  3. Danial Ikhwan Jaafar says:

    i gotta say, every best pisang goreng has sesame seeds behind it.. =P
    looking at these pictures is making me hungry… =__=

  4. Rungitom says:

    Sabah Pisang goreng style are quite generic. But its different on what the boss(Restoran Bergerak) have done, maybe he learned to make this when he was in the Peninsular.

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