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I just got home yesterday feeling all drained, not long after I lie down in my bedroom, my little sister knocked my door telling me that we are all going to our grandparents home.

I said “Kenapa?”

“Rumah kita tiada air oh” she replied.

I got all frustrated with this, apparently my home is out of water since morning(after I left for work) and it will be ongoing for maybe two days. So I packed up my essential things for the journey, all of the household goes there by three cars(I hitch a ride on one of them). Our grandparent’s home uses natural water supply form up hill so it never runs out except in drought I think So we all went there to take bath, clean dirty dishes and wash clothes. Natural water is always cool.. in morning, afternoon or night. On the way there, I heard from my uncle that the water treatment center in Moyog is closed down for two days for cleaning and maintenance. Because the road is better than it was before, the journey takes just a little time.

Granny's home

Granny’s home

Those who arrived earlier went straight to take bath, kids go first. I took my time to brrrrr~ while taking bath. After that we have a big family feast, its been a while since we all families gather together for a dinner, it is much more satisfying than eating alone.. definitely. After meal, I go upstairs and watched the news on TV, giving a facepalm to the high profile case being reported, kids playing and some of them just doze off after the great meal. The kids went back home first, while other including me stayed longer waiting them to finish washing clothes. The house becomes creepy silent without the kids around.

Funny thing happened when I go down the itty bitty stairs, I slipped and fell resulting a slight back and butt pain…what a day…

major falldown!

major falldown!

Still, I kept cool and play around with the house kitteh, very coarse fur I tell you but so mushy.

Kitteh iz not photogenic :(

Kitteh iz not photogenic 🙁

But aww~ so mushy mushy~

But aww~ so mushy mushy~

After my mom finished washing, we bid farewell to granny and went home. Arrived home around 10:50pm, I didn’t go straight to sleep, booted up my PC and update my phone’s mp3 playlist. Then I doze off while listening to the music…..zZzZzZ….

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