I Live My Life Walking

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All my life revolved on walking since I started living in Sabah in 1996. I walk to primary school, secondary school, college and even work. Wow Tom, you such a lame dude, you don’t even own a car? Yeah, my life has only began to start, been in a standstill for a while before I move back on. It’s not easy when you have to take in charge of the family, so I took it slowly and with caution. It’s interesting to walk because you see many things that car drivers normally don’t see or do. Like waiting for the bus, seeing random hot chick (I’ve seen a lot),

be crammed inside CityBus to work and after work plus many more experiences that I think is enjoyable.

But in the same time I feel annoyed by some reasons which is like facing the strong sunshine (too much is not really good you know) as I walk, filthy air and rain. It’s uncertain on how long I will live like this, but I really wish that someday I get a valid (Yes, valid!) driving license and also own a car for my daily convenience. For the moment, these goals seems too far-fetched to me but all are set in motion slowly. May take a year or more to reach that goal, but hey! I will do it no matter what.

I want to enjoy life and seeking more experience not just being a homeboy anymore, but a traveler just like my late father did. The more I see the more experiences and insights I gained, whether good or bad because that’s life. Rungitom way of life, dreams and imaginations like no other.

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