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Yep yep, I have been featured again in BorneoColours again!

This time I have been featured as BC Featured Twitterer, the interviews are here . And I love Question #10, it goes:
Draw a picture of something you are looking forward to. 

This is what I’m looking forward to now…


Borneo’s first Bloggers & New Media Gathering

Yes! B2.0 will start on 29th till 30th October, its a grand meet up of all bloggers and also new media practitioners around Borneo.

B2.0 is a social gathering that focuses on networking, collaboration & dialogue on case studies, ideas, trends, best practices & issues relating to bloggers & new media in Borneo & the South East Asia region.

The finale of Borneo Bloggers Award 2010 will also be held on that event. Get your tickets to secure your place for the event and the Borneo Bloggers Award.

The 8 Finalists for the award are:


Entertainment Category: Santafire (Sabah)


Food Category: Annna (Sarawak)


Environment Category: Artiirhamna (Kalimantan)


Travel Category: Cath J (Sabah)


Personal Category: Deanona (Sabah)


Tech & Web Category: GeekInWhite (Brunei)


Photography Category: Gidong (Sabah)


Arts & Design Category: Nancy (Sabah)

May the best win the awards, Can’t wait for this!






B2.0 Event, see you there!

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