Rungitom October Recap

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One word, Busy

I have been so busy for B2.0 Borneo Bloggers + New Media Dialogue event this month. The new job I mentioned previously in my blog post was indeed my description of me working in BorneoColours. My first task given to me was B2.0, from the first day, I work on my part of the job as good as I can to make the event a success; from making contacts to facilitate the speaker and the panellists all by myself, I think I did a splendid job seeing through the end of it.

Even though there is some hiccup here and there, most of them are happy and enjoyed the event. I had the chance to talk to the speakers and the panellists personally, I enjoyed their stories and experiences shared; everyone is just awesome.

The dialogue event opens up my mind about what more benefit will you get through blogging, using social media tools the right way, ethics and boundaries in blogging as well as monetizing. I have never think of these seriously before, but seeing the untapped potential that I have with my blog, why not?

Paintball game was a great adrenaline rusher, sure I got bad bruises here and there, but the game was fun and I totally enjoyed it. The night party was also a blast, participants and the speakers are just enjoying the night, taking photo’s and chatting.

A big congratulations to Muhammad Irhamna or Artiirhamna ( for being the winner of the first Top Borneo Blogger Award, he’ s coming home with the grand prize of RM 10,000 (around RP 28,712 025). I hope to see more contestants for the next Top Borneo Blogger Award, and make the community know that blogging isn’t just about random ramblings at all.

So the next proposed development in my blog? Rungitom 2.0/R2.0, going to focus on self hosting, monetizing and the most important part, great blog content. First of all, a make-up redesign to my blog, followed by new functionality.






Rungitom 2.0, coming soon

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4 Responses

  1. GladysDavid says:

    All the best.
    Can't wait to see what b2.0 participant will do now that they've attended the event X3

  2. nc says:

    R2.0..wah…hebat o..bah.. will be following. btw, it was great to meet u 🙂

  3. chegu carol says:

    bah, mo ada facelift laini?
    go, go dot com! 🙂

    and oh, great meeting you.

  4. Rungitom says:

    Thank you ladies, palan2 ma sa mo buat ni ehehe.

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