Borneo Colours: Are You a BC Buddy?

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Are you a BC Buddy? If not, why don’t you guys check out BorneoColours. Its a site where you can get info surrounding Borneo designed with a social networking function, BC Buddy. BC Buddy is a place for online community to hang out like other social networking site, you can join or create groups, give comments and also wall posts. Other sections are;

travelTravel Guide: showcase a variety places to visit in Borneo.



ejcEducation Job Career: this where you can find jobs available and also some tips and trainings not only for jobs.




The Buzz: the place where you can read the latest news around the globe, not just on Borneo.



marketplaceMarket Place: Good stuffs are traded here, come and have a look see.



creativityinmotionCreative in Motion: Don’t just keep your creativity under your blanket, show it!



I have joined BC Buddy now(Rungitom) and created a group called BC Buddy Bloggers, a place where blogger hang out and discuss about blogging and all.
Also featured in Borneo Colours is the Borneo Bloggers Awards.


That’s right, RM 10’000 in prize. Nominations are open for these categories:

  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Entertainment Blog
  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Photography Blog
  • Best Environment Blog
  • Best Technology Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Gossip Blog
  • Most Humorous Blog
  • Best Original Blog Design
  • Best Hidden Gem

Want to try out? the go to this page and find out more
Now, what are you waiting for? visit BorneoColours and register for BC Buddy(it’s free!), share good stuff while making new friends and join BC Buddy Blogger too, See you there!

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6 Responses

  1. Cath J says:

    Wowww… you cartoonist juga ahhh… cool… ^_^

  2. Rungitom says:

    I'm going to practice it back, its getting rusty 😛

  3. Gallivanter says:

    Times like this I wish I was from Borneo. Does having a Sabahan fiancee count? 😛

  4. Rungitom says:

    Make Borneo your home sweet home, and you're in ^_^

  5. reanaclaire says:

    hello..coming from ipoh via cath j's blog… visiting for the 1st time

  6. Rungitom says:

    Thanks for dropping by reanaclaire ^_^

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