KM Story: Pasisang attack!

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O hai, we’re back on another episode of KM Story, in this post I will tell you about “Pasisang” or “Posisang” whichever suits your tongue. Pasisang is actually a stink bug in English term, Stink bugs are named for their ability to exude a foul smelling substance from a pore on each side of their thorax.

These bugs often have symbiotic relationships with bacteria that aid the insect in the production of nutrients. Other insects, like termite, have similar relationships that aid in their digestion of wood. Stink bugs are predacious on other insects, good fliers and are recognized by a large triangular scutellum on their back.[]

This particular stink bug in Kota Marudu, is small and black to grey-ish in color. The time was late June, rainy days it was; at first I thought it was only a few of them, but then suddenly their population go boom all the sudden. Pasisang infestation everywhere!


They go through every little crack or opening at our centre building, I hate the smell of it and I hate when they just fall on my hair. Our cleaner was having hard times to clean up these bugs ,sometimes the vacuum cleaner bag was full these bugs.

Yep, sweeping them off was a bad idea, these bugs goes into emergency mode and pumped out their stink; so our cleaner used vacuum to suck them out and throw it out later.

0002-VacuumedPasisang 0003-Toomany

In the morning/daylight, these bugs crawl together into/under dark places, away from the burning sun. But on night time, these bugs fly to any source of light(party time I guess); its kind of annoying when you have to get pass a place where pasisang hordes fly around.


One day, there are so many of these bugs crawling under the shade of our centre, so I swept them out in the burning daylight with a broom; and voila, instant pasisang extermination. These bugs don’t like direct sunlight do they?


These bug infestation doesn’t end until mid of July, the locals said these bugs comes when its rainy season. These bugs is an enemy to the farmers, the bugs destroy crops and vegetation, so stinky and a destroyer… an annoying combination.





Bikin panas oh ni pasisang!

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13 Responses

  1. maslight says:

    OMG punya banyak. Gives me the creeps, is that even safe @_@

  2. Mimi says:

    OMG bikin geli oh the pasisang.. I hate the smell! Kalau terkena di tangan, it'll last super long time.. And weird that here, I haven't jumpa lagi..

  3. Analog Girl says:

    that's awful! I can't imagine living with these things crawling around… X_X

  4. Deanona says:

    euww posisanggg~!! >.<

    my grandma used to tell me before that when there's posisang attack, means its going to flood soon. =.=

  5. Rungitom says:

    @maslight: So far I'm still fine after all that, just that stink annoys me.

    @mimi: There's another kind of the same family, Pentatomidae. Bigger and black, pumps out stink that would last for days if it hit your skin. I have experienced it, and its not good. 🙁

    @Analog Girl: Be afraid… be very afraid, hehe.

    @Deanona: And your grandma words are true, our center did get flooded; even though it was not very bad.

  6. AngeL BeaR says:

    eeee….me hate those bugs!!!!

  7. Amanda Christine Wong says:


  8. Rungitom says:

    Feelings when you stepped over a horde of Pasisang…


  9. Santafire says:

    i used to live in km too.
    we had insect seasons.
    pesisang is just one of em XD

    pedihhh tu kalau kena kencing pesisang.

  10. GladysDavid says:

    Gila banyak!
    Enough to suffocate people to death @w@

  11. Rungitom says:

    @Sai: these small ones just stink, but other species may hurt you on contact.

    @Gladys: Don't let it get to you… *insert horror music here*

  12. TheWanderingSumandak...... says:

    YUCK! kalau kena sengat lagi, sandiii oh. melecur kulit.

  13. Owen says:

    EEWW……my aunt live there and yes, there is pasisang but the other kind, it’s like green in color and have stink bugs kind of legs. When I kill it, it produce some kind of smell same as bedbugs(wongking), tuhau(I hate eating that.

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