Siawan family gathering 2010

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Siawan Katung Kunsar family gathering is held yearly, host are selected through special draw vote. Its a very special event where Siawan lineage families get together, have fun, and getting to know family members. Last year event was held at Kg. Madsiang, Penampang, the place where the Siawan family originates. And that day also our family, Pois Siawan (my grandma) got the vote to be host of 2010 family gathering .
 Back (Left to Right): Francis Tonjumin Siawan, Lingkuman Siawan, Thomas Yitul Siawan
Sitting (Left to Right): Pois Siawan, Poloing Siawan, Juntoin Siawan
Deceased: Borukon Siawan, Logunjing Siawan
We are still preparing for the big family event, which includes building canvas camp, gifts, flow of event, planning food & drinks serving and singing the special song. Yep, the special song from the grandchildren of Pois Siawan, in which I am included and must sing it too. Being the eldest grandchild, I felt really… haha, I don’t know what to say. After church activity tomorrow, I will head to my grandma’s house to help building up the canvas tent.

Will blog about the pre-event and the event day soon.

Remember remember, the 5th of November.

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5 Responses

  1. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    u know, we're gonna have a family gathering too and damnit, it so hard to organize! especially when EVERYONE has something to say. so yeah, it's great ur family was able to come to one voice and have a great day.d

  2. ladysyea says:

    my family also gonna have gathering, end of this year. i just cant wait it. this year, my uncle's place will be the "tuan rumah". at tambunan. from the meeting i heard, there will be a queen of the nite. 1st time i heard it, i was like, what the hell is that activity? we are not doing a prom nite here. But, with so many ble bla bla from the "orang-orang tua", i just can smile.:)
    i am pretty sure, the cousins and aunts, will dress up and maybe jealous to each other when someone will be the "queen" that nite. offcoz,i think its not gonna happen. but u know, WOMEN. haha. but for me, i rather chose my grandma to be the "queen". so that, no quarreling or jealousy. plus, its a big appreciation for her i think. by the way, have a good planning! make some interesting activities on that day. 🙂

  3. Rungitom says:

    @Amanda: The family gathering is a great way for getting to know our close relatives. I just hope our first ever hosting this event went on successfully.

    @ladysyea: if it ever happen and I happen to be there( lol wut?) I would definitely choose you as Queen of the nite. You already know why 😉

  4. Gallivanter says:

    I'm jealous of big families! Mine's not big enough that's why I intend to put it right by having 11 kids!

  5. ladysyea says:

    wah really u got 11 kids??
    now u can make ur own FC lah..

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