Wine red heart needs a red wine

Today I’m going to feature another artist from Japan, Anzen Chitai. 🙂

Anzen Chitai (安全地帯, literally “Safety Zone”) is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 1973 by five musicians in Asahikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan. It debuted in 1982 in Tokyo and became one of Japan’s most successful rock bands in the 1980s.

Anzen Chitai: the early days

Anzen Chitai: the early days

Koji Tamaki (玉置 浩二, Tamaki Kōji) – Vocals, Guitars & Percussion (1973–present)
Yutaka Takezawa (武沢 豊, Takezawa Yutaka) – Guitars (1973–present)
Wataru Yahagi (矢萩 渉, Yahagi Wataru) – Guitars (1977–present)
Haruyoshi Rokudo (六土 開正, Rokudō Haruyoshi) Bass, Piano & Keyboards (1977–present)
Yuji Tanaka (田中 裕二, Tanaka Yūji) – Drums (1977–1978, 1982–present)

Despite frequent hiatus and solo works by Koji Tamaki, the band continued to record and tour. On 2008, Tamaki has announced to his fans about his retirement from music, as well as the closing of the official Koji Tamaki & Anzenchitai fan club, Star. Illness that requires long-term treatment was cited for his decision.

Anzen Chitai 2010: still going strong

Anzen Chitai 2010: still going strong

But then in 2010, the band make their sudden and surprising comeback into the music industry. Under a new recording label, Universal Music Japan, the band released Anzen Chitai Hits 2010, which includes a remake of their best hits. They also released 2 new singles Aoi Bara and Orange, Aoi Bara single debuted at #9 on Oricon weekly charts. This year, their new album, Anzen Chitai XII was released on September 10, 2011. Subsequently kicking off their national tour that began in September 17, 2011.

After listening so many songs from them, I began to appreciate it more, the powerful voice of Koji Tamaki, the arrangement of the songs. in my pespective, Anzen Chitai has become the Michael Learns To Rock equivalent in Japan, maybe even higher than that.

Of all the songs, Wine Red no Kokoro (ワインレッドの心) is my most favourite song. I never get bored listening to it, maybe because the title itself contains my favourite colour, red. And this song I’m sharing today is the 2010 version, listen for yourself and tell me what you think. 😉

Anzen Chitai(安全地帯) ~ Wine Red no Kokoro(ワインレッドの心)


Motto katte ni koi shitari
Motto KISS o tanoshindari
Wasure sou na omoide o
Sotto daite iru yori
Wasurete shimaeba

Ima izyou, sore izyou, aisareru noni
Anata wa sono sukitootta hitomi no mama de
Ano kie sou ni Moe sou na WAIN REDDO no
Kokoro o motsu anata no negai ga Kanau noni

Motto nando mo dakiattari
Zu-tto konya o yureattari
Kanashi sou na kotoba ni
Yotte naite iru yori
WAIN o ake tara

Ima izyou, sore izyou, aisareru noni
Anata wa tada hajirau yori Tedate ga nakute
Ano kie sou ni Moe sou na WAIN REDDO no
Kokoro o mada moteamashite iru no sa
Kono yoru mo

Ima izyou, sore izyou, aisareru made
Anata no sono sukitootta hitomi no naka ni
Ano kie sou ni Moe sou na WAIN REDDO no
Kokoro o utsushidashite mesete yo Yure nagara




あの消えそうに 燃えそうなワインレッドの
心を持つあなたの願いが かなうのに


あなたはただ恥らうより てだてがなくて
あの消えそうに 燃えそうなワインレッドの

あなたのその透き通った 瞳の中に
あの消えそうに 燃えそうなワインレッドの
心を写しだしてみせてよ ゆれながら

So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the new week with doing new and exciting things. Cheers!








Wine red heart need a red wine

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