Conditional MCO: Sabah says nope

Back in May 1st, our Prime Minister announced a Conditional Movement Control Order on May 4th, in order to jump start the slumping country economy. The announcement received a mixed reaction from the people, as things with COVID-19 hasn’t really settle yet, heck! the positive numbers doubled yesterday!

There is also an issue with the teeny tiny time frame for all industries to adhere to the SOP (Standard operating procedure) produced by MKN (Majlis Keselamatan Negara/Malaysia National Security Council). But I feel for the industry players in Sabah who prepared so much to follow SOP for May 4th, but only to know about the latest decision in an announcement by Sabah State Government today.

Source: Jabatan Penerangan Negeri Sabah Facebook Page

As of the writing of this post, 3 states in Malaysia will not follow Federal Government CMCO, and continue to observe MCO Phase 4, Sarawak, Kedah and Sabah. As COVID-19 is unpredictable (keyword: asymptomatic), I understand the forseen risk involved when the CMCO starts.

Hopefully we get some more better news as Phase 4 ends.




“I urge Sabahans to continue to observe the procedures set under (Phase 4) of the MCO that is still in force,” ~ D.S Mohd Shafie Apdal, Sabah Chief Minister on the announcement today


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