My weekend tangled tale

Post #5: My weekend tangled tale

So in the last post I did say that the next one will be awesome.. aaaand no, not so awesome actually. But yeah, sit down, grab your drinks, popcorn or anything. Let me tell you my story over the weekend.
It all began in early Saturday morning, I booted up my PC hoping to go online.

But as I try to connect my DiGi wireless broadband, the message says “Connection Terminated “, by that time I knew my bill have to be paid or else no internet for the weekend. Then I took some time to watch How I Met Your Mother series before actually going to take my bath at about 9AM,


Everything is awesome… no its legendary! I really love this show because somehow their life stories has a bit of similarity to my own life stories, well.. in a way. The character I love the most is Barney Stinson, he always comes up with hilarious and great quotes, not to mention a plethora flirting skills.

I began to mimic Barney and a bit of Ted’s, and its kinda funny when I applied it and play around with my colleague in the office. And now I’m currently in a pseudo-marathon watching the series, halfway through Season 2.

So back to my life, I’m at Center Point walking to find the DiGi agent on the 3rd floor. After I have done the payment(in which I have to wait 2 hours to reactivate the line), I went to the basement floor magazine stall and found out that FHM Malaysia December issue is out. It cost me a friggin’ RM18 because of the complimentary 2011 calendar of the next Girl Next Door.


Then I have the idea of going to the movies, it has been a month long since I last seen a movie. So about 11:30AM I went on to Suria Sabah, because GSC Cinema is awesome. I made a decision to watch Rapunzel in 3D, shows at 12:30; I took my time again to have my breakfast at Suria Food Court and strolling around the big mall. Even after one year and much development, Suria Sabah is still a bit quiet, but there are more outlets opening up soon; so I expect Suria Sabah will be lively like Center Point and Wisma Merdeka in no time.


Although the ticket is pricey for a 3D cinema, I love how crisp and the HD like looks of the movie compared to the normal cinema, no sign of scratch. noise or a little distortion.

As for the movie, it was awesome! I was kept entertained with the different and not so clichéd storyline. Well I do wonder how Rapunzel took care of her ever long and strong hair. No prince this time, only a normal guy trying to make his name big, end up saving a girl who didn’t even know she’s a princess; and how a horse that act like a dog actually brought them to meet each other.

What I really love about this movie is the animation itself, although the water animation kinda looks like gel,


Fellow blogger, Sapphire St. said:

Not everything are meant to be 3Dfied, esp. water particles, which is the reason why it looks funny as 3D. If you had watched the non3D, the water particles looked fine. And it’s not water animation, it’s particle animation.

I guess the 3D glasses played tricks on my eyes, anyway thanks for the info Sapphire. ^_^

But~ the character skin, the texture affected to various conditions, the so humanlike expressions. I also love how they created the culture for the kingdom, its a bit like Roman empire mixed with Irish themes lifestyle; the people are also quite modern in terms of fashion.

Disney did a great job making this movie and I love it! I give Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale  9/10 10/10

After watching the movie I went to Wisma Merdeka to finds some stuffs for my coming creative project,


I will let you see the outcome of the mini project soon.

The All-Sunday

Internet connection restored, and I went to church mass as usual. St Catherine church is undergoing roof fixing; so we moved to the multipurpose hall for the mass. Not so much story to tell, just have been watching How I Met Your Mother series and cleaning up my room. But this is the highlight of my Sunday, even though the night shot sucks, my Sony Ericsson C510 camera captured this…


O night… divine…

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9 Responses

  1. Del Glamiva says:

    Rungitom! Why you cannot do the 3 columns dat??

  2. Rungitom says:

    Let me answer em at your blog 🙂

  3. Del Glamiva says:

    Nice, you subscribe first la aa. xD I got answer there.

    Oh ya make sure you back up first your template before you try this aa.

  4. Aly89 says:

    I also like How I Met Your Mother & Barney!

    But I haven't watch Rapunzel yet..and your review prompts me to go and watch it ASAP 🙂

  5. Rungitom says:

    @Del Glamiva: Ok, thanks 🙂

    @Aly89: Hehe, you must go to the movies to see Rapunzel, Rungitom recommends! XD

  6. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    HIMYM is on to Season 6 already! waiting for episode 11 now 😉

  7. Rungitom says:

    Yeah, I'm totally missed out; but hey, all of the seasons (1~ 5) is safely in my HDD to be watched, I just wait for my friend to finish downloading season 6 latest episode.

  8. Santafire says:

    you need to correct your water animation statement; not everything are meant to be 3Dfied, esp. water particles, which is the reason why it looks funny as 3D. If you had watched the non3D, the water particles looked fine.

    And it's not water animation, it's particle animation.

  9. Rungitom says:

    Hi Sai, guess the 3D glasses had a different effect to my eyes. Thanks for explaining the particle animation. ^_^

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