Rungitom April recap

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Yep… image is not available this time around, as I type this blog post direcly from a workplace laptop. This month was fast paced and also very hard one; mainly my work life transition. Being in a telco company is not easy, many new things must be learned as the tension get higher.
I learned many new things in just a few weeks, being in another region with limited freedom; Its fun at the same time, where I get to know many types of people( and a few good lookin’ ladies too) with their own lifestyle.
Thats Kota Marudu for you, a peaceful small town which is bustling with peoples around the town (Kota Belud, Pitas, Kudat) every weekends for Tamu. Apart from all that I will miss going to the theaters(can’t watch Iron Man 2 (T_T) ) because no cinema here,
I can’t read my regular men’s mag FHM Malaysia because this place is too far I guess, no more regular wireless internet time because 3G coverage is low here, I can’t meet my lady regularly, and she misses me a lot as I am.
In a bright side, thank God I’m still ok and doing great for my work; in addition of abundant new experiences yet to be discovered. I can still somehow log in and update once in a while on the net; just a simple regular one, Rungitom Life is not going to be in a hiatus just like that.
As life goes on, I will do my best to ensure my work status is secure, learn new skills and more life stories to be told in the future of Rungitom Life.

Life stories goes on, don’t be afraid to move on.

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5 Responses

  1. HoneyBUZZin says:

    Never really been to Kota Marudu…

  2. syam says:

    i have a few friends from KM but never really been there 🙂
    how i miss sabah so badly !
    btw, if ure goin to KK..or planning to buy/download/stream new movies..pls make sure u have 'the losers' in your list. I betcha on it 🙂 lol.

  3. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    my friend working in pitas laagi kesian…km is like their kk. haha

  4. ♥BelLa Ace♥ says:

    Been to KM once..but only Goshen..hihi..

  5. Rungitom says:

    @Honey: If you have time, please do stop by ^_^

    @Syam: Will do lady, I've seen the trailer and its quite good.

    @Amanda: Oh yes it is, Pitas people do go here especially on the weekends.

    @Bella: you should go to Pekan Baru too where the Tamu is held on every weekends.

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