Yo! What's in the bag?

Post #10: Yo! What’s in the bag?

Its Saturday morning, its raining and I’m at home composing this blog post. This blog post is about what’s in my bag, thanks to CrazyCyn of cyntacinta.blogspot.com for tagging me in her post, and the idea as well for my blog challenge.


I have seen many posts regarding what’s in their bag… all by ladies, never by the guys(correct me if I’m wrong). Ladies have so many things in their bag, it actually made me think that their bag resembles Doraemon’s pouch. As for me, I do not have so much things in my bag, and I still wanna blog about it!

So the story goes, I always love using my bag to go anywhere ever since in my high school days and I’m still using one today. I don’t like having things on my hand when I’m going for a stroll in KK, so having a bag is really convenient.


This is my current bag bought in 2009, it actually made for carrying laptop but I bought it anyway. I like this bag because there are many compartments that I can keep my things accordingly.

The front compartment is used for keeping small stuffs, such as…


Small reference books, pen, mechanical pencil, nose inhaler, a lip balm(I has cracky lips 😛 ), some spare change and my pendrive… oh, I forgot to take picture of my crib keys(oh well). I also tend to keep my small tidbits I bought here, which reminds me I kept my leftover Clorets candy inside yesterday, hmm…*taking it out from the bag*


The are 2 big compartments in which I can put on a lot of things to suit my condition, such as…


External HDD, and card reader; I only bring them when I need to, really convenient when I have to copy large files from the office or somewhere else.


And~ bringing back FHM Malaysia mag safely from the bookstore to my crib, 😛

One thing I always keep in my bag is my portable umbrella..



Saya bukannya lelaki yang kontrol macho mau berjalan dibasahi hujan sama ada begitu saja atau pakai sweater ber-hood yang berjenama, fikir cool laa kunu mcm tu tapi hujung hujung basah kuyup juga. Lain lah ko pakai baju hujan(raincoat)

As I said earlier, my bag was build to accommodate things to suit my condition, whether I stuff in my clothes for an overnight stay out of my home, or things which I brought from Watsons, or some snacks I brought from 7-Eleven, what I do know that my bag will always be there to help me carry my things around.

I wonder if I would still use a bag as I age, hmm…







Hmm… this Clorets candy is still edible

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3 Responses

  1. Amanda Christine Wong says:

    lipbalm? Again, lipbalm? XD. nah i think its great. my bf always ALWAYS wet his lips with his tongue before i could attack it with the damn lipbalm. so yeah, im so glad i know one guy who uses lipbalm! XD

  2. Rungitom says:

    Hehe, I'm conscious with my lips condition. If its dry, then it will not be kissable 😛

  1. May 30, 2012

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