My work of art comes back

Post #9: My work of art comes back

Just a quick post for today, its about my old artwork that I do for my friends.

I don’t exactly remember how is my style and stroke of art years ago, and having to see this after a long time brings back great memories of me as the drawing guy. One day I asked my ex schoolmate, Yezalline Ezra about the drawings

I made for her by request. I just asked her to scan it or just take a picture of it for me, why did I asked? I was kinda miss those drawing I made for her, then days later I found out why did I miss so much about it,


It was way back in 2002, my alias at that time was Itomaru(taken from a Pokemon species); the date of this particular drawing to be completed was on 29th of May,11: 03AM. I love to make time-stamp and signature on every artwork I made.

The character is actually a carbon copy from a manga character that she asked me to draw. I tried to copy it 100% same as the original, and be extra soft(in drawing) in creating the mood of the character. Although the violin may not look as realistic enough, but I like how I drew her hand and fingers… holding the musical instrument like a baby.


And here is another one I made for her, this time a guy playing the same instrument. I think this guy was the girl(pic above) love interest in the manga. I pretty much love the girl drawing rather than the guy, because I took days to complete the girl drawing; and the second one took me only one night, so the feel is quite different to me.

So how I do set the mood to draw something? turn on the radio to listen my favorite radio station, WOW FM, a desk with only a few pieces of A4 paper and drawing tools such as 2H pencil, a mechanical pencil, and eraser. Nowadays I can’t keep up to practice my drawing again because the desk is now occupied with a keyboard and the internet totally distract me from doing anything creative.







The world is but a canvas to the imagination. ~ Henry David Thoreau

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  1. October 4, 2013

    […] I did mentioned before that I would complete 2 creative works before today, and yes… I didn’t. I scrapped up the portable rainbow project because it didn’t show the desirable effect, it went uglier than I have ever expected. Guess I’ll go and finish up the second mini project, let see what I can do over the weekend. […]

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