Weekend Rungi-Recap

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Its already past midnight, and here I am writing stuffs for my blog. Another week has ended and yet another Rungi-Ramblings. I present to you, Weekend Rungi-Recap

Go out for work as usual on Saturday, going out a little bit later than usual because there are nothing to do at the office anyway; so I decided to take the slow walk to work. I’m pretty aimless on what to do, so I took the company’s camera and get busy capturing some photos.

I didn’t use my camera phone today because lack of zoom option, I screw up something when I modified my phone’s camdriver.

My W800i phone could only take pics with less grainy but totally lost the zoom function. Somehow deep inside my imaginations, I wonder how it feels like to take pictures with my own eyes, infinite megapixel?… you think its the best camera ever?

well… maybe

well… maybe

Looks like GSC is soon to be open in Suria Sabah, I hope there would be a 3D cinema because Sabah does not have one to date. And I would be the first in many to experience it soon.

I can has 3D movie?

I can has 3D movie?

And look at our skies, not cloud or blue sky; but haze! The result of no rain for almost a month. Water reserves are depleting fast, soon we will end up rationing water supply until good news comes.

Bored at work? put some rainbow on your desktop

Bored at work? put some rainbow on your desktop



Lately I have been drinking coffee every single day, until I noticed my teeth took a toll from my addiction; yellow-ish.. ish!~ do not want!.

So I stopped my frequent consumption of caffein and go towards a better alternative, Milo. One thing I don’t like about Milo is that I would only take little time to finish it, opposed from my coffee drinking; where I took a sip… slowly while enjoying the deep taste of real coffee(not Nescafe!)

I chew on some good whitening chewing gums too, don’t know how efficient it may be; but at least my breath will be fresher than average.

the nom nom was endless

the nom nom was endless

After work hours, I drop by at Kompleks Karamunsing to survey my do want list price and probably buy one of them. After a long while I changed my mind, price was kinda overwhelming; well almost, I could afford it but it will definitely left me speechless after I buy it.

  • External HDD, the cheapest you will find is RM199 for 250Gb capacity.
  • A decent 17′ LCD monitor cost about RM500 to RM600, the cheapest I saw was RM399; a smaller one.
  • As for Printer/Scanner, I found a cheap one priced at RM119, or was it RM 199?

So uh… the list will continue to be my waiting list; think I’ll save up, for the next PC Fair; oh how I wish to be in Wisma Saberkas in Kuching, the PC gadgets there is 100% more from what I’ve seen in Kompleks Karamunsing.

At least now there is some money for me to buy FHM next month issue *weird grin*. So the Saturday ended with nothing new for my old PC.

I wake up on Sunday just as I wake up on every weekdays, one will mess up the sleep clock if the sleeping pattern gone sporadic.

Going out early to meet my lady, while on the way I see the KK skies engulfed with haze. Its even worse than yesterday(Saturday), brushfire and open burning made the condition worse.

Babagon River

Babagon River

Took a picture of this neat my lady’s home, visible dry rocks in the river is a sign of declining water level. Water level is essential for Sabah; one is for enough clean water supply, and the other one enough for hydro-generated electricity.

SESB is now in a pinch to solve the frequent power failure issues, and they still opted to build coal-powered power plant; desperate to find fast solution and avoiding the big boss to be sacked for not doing a good job.

After having a nice day together with my lady, I go home. On the way, I managed to catch up Gempak Desa Astro in Inanam.


Managed to take some pictures of Candy AF5 performing, but then again because of my camera phone zoom issue… dang!

… I will try to change back the camera driver soon.





I wonder how it feels like to take pictures with my own eyes, infinite megapixel?

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  1. maslight says:

    Thank gawd. Finally GSC at Suria. Now, all we need is Dominos pizza and kinokuniya XD

  2. Rungitom says:

    Now that you mentioned it, yes! we need Kinokuniya in East Malaysia. I hope there is one in the future *cross fingers*

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