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Its time for another edition of Sexy Saturday!

Well, before that came into my head, I was drafting 2 blog post on some current issues until there was a temporary electric blackout at my place. I was pissed off, as the power is back, I turned on the PC again. Since I did both of the post in Microsoft notepad, so there was no chance of an emergency backup for the file. So I go lurking on Twitter timeline until I saw a tweet kinda like this one,

Wawa El-Diamond looks like Luna Maya

I forgot who tweeted it, but you know who Luna Maya is right? the Indonesian artist, who is popular because of a bonking video of her and Ariel Peterpan. But who is Wawa? Is she really had the splitting image if Luna Maya? For that I go crazy on Google web and image search for Wawa El-Diamond. Here they are side by side for comparison,

On the left is Wawa, and on the right is Luna.

On the left is Wawa, and on the right is Luna.

What do you think? not convinced? Here’s another comparison,


There you have it, 2 comparisons for you to see, hmm, I’ll let you to comment 😛

Who is Wawa El-Diamond again?

Her real name is Nur Jawaheer @ Wawa Ismail, a Sabahan lady from Kota Marudu. She went into the world of modelling at the age of 18, and been active in fasion shows, commercial advertisement and beauty pageants.

She studied Business-Management in Cosmopoint and now working in her own company, called Wawa El-Diamond Cafe & Boutique (situated in 1Borneo) as a Creative Director. From what I see, the place serves as fashion retail outlet, they are also organizing runway fashion show as well. You can see more updates of their promo and activity on their Facebook page.

This 5’8″ lady dreamed that one day she will have the chance to join Miss Sabah Malaysia World. She stated in an blog post from, the beauty of a lady doesn’t lie on looks itself, but also taking account of her personality and knowledge.

But really, I wish for her all the best for her in the coming years, she might get a shot for next year, you may never know.

Oh and one more thing, here are some of her pics I got from the interwebs for this post. Credits goes to the original owner,




source: Jumain Jojo


source: Roslee Karim


source: Tay Kenneth


source: Tay Kenneth






The beauty of a lady doesn’t lie on looks itself, but also taking account of her personality and knowledge.

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13 Responses

  1. dyanareds says:

    kalo ada makeup serupa la.if takda makeup mcm tdk tp mgkn serupa kalo si luna pun takda makeup.pernah terserempak dgn dia d 1B.tinggi la but actually all girls look like some other kalo in reality.maksud sy tada beza dgn ppuan lain yg kamu biasa nampak d mall.dlm pic makeup segala mmg dorg nampak vogue dr org lain

  2. kay masingan says:


  3. biltah bill says:

    5'8? i didnt think so sebab tinggi kami hampir sama n rasanya saya lebih tinggi dari dia. but i'm only 163cm… macam mana dia bole 5'8 inci pula?hehe

  4. Rungitom says:

    Hehe, I got the info from other online sources. I apologize for the wrong info, do you know how tall is she? 🙂

  5. Wawa El-Diamond says:

    Hello Rungitom…
    Wuuu tx ya untuk artikel ini,
    Mmg 'Fenomena Persis Luna Maya' ni terjadi sejak me masi menuntut di kolej lg,
    Cumanya panas sejak semenjak dua menjak ni..
    Hehee..even my family d kampung pun tegur my face like luna maya,
    Time jln2 d town pun ramai y tegur cam tu,
    Im so suprise iyalah kita jln tak pakai makeup (kecuali my modelling show saja)
    Mungkin juga kami serupa kerana my dad berbangsa Banjar Indonesia
    So mmg ada keturunan indon..
    Owh ya its true like u read in the newspaper,i am 172cm = 5'8
    Tq ^^

  6. Rungitom says:

    Wow, thank you for the comment Wawa, and also confirming your height as well. peace! V(^_^)

  7. Wawa El-Diamond says:

    Peace bebeh

  8. beaty says:

    wah sama juga pula muka durang ni kalau sekali imbas ni

  9. Anonymous says:

    really? but if im not mistaken,, 5'8 = 178cm

  10. Anonymous says:

    pathlyn leosie and wawa,, both of them are 1st runner up and 2nd runner up during d unduk ngadau kota marudu 2010 competition and i was there on dat time. pathlyn is higher than wawa but pathlyn just only 5'4 inches, maybe 5'8 inches if she wearing high heels

  11. Anonymous says:

    Beauty?? is she?…memang cantik kalo talam dua muka…but for me cantik lagi orng bersih di hati tak payah diaangungkan kecantik kan orng kalo dalaman seburuk2 manusia nanti sendiri malu bila orng dah tahu..but good luck wawa n becare full what goes around comes around…(>"<)

  12. Anonymous says:

    inilah manusia ada ja y tak puas hati bila tgk org lain maju & bahagia,..
    sabar ja la wawa, mmg mcm tu la kalau sudah popular ramai org dengki, fitnah2 n tuduh u mcm2,
    tak kurang jugak y nak tumpang glamer wawa..hehe
    yang penting wawa sudah 6 tahun bergelar model selebriti Sabah yang berjaya dan cemerlang di negeri Sabah,
    sudah punya model production house & butik sendiri.
    harap wawa sabar & teruskan usaha k,
    salam sayang buat wawa

  13. Anonymous says:

    haha kalau setakat popular sebab selalu tayang muka n tayang body pun teda guna juga. pakai seksi2 tayang depan penonton, dapat duit, umpama makan hasil lendir diri sendiri saja ba tu. bawa2 lah bertaubat, ntah2 mati time berdiri di pentas seksi2,tida sempat mau bertaubat dgn Tuhan

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