Natalie's kiss

Natalie Irish's lips

If you don’t have a brush to paint, might as well you use your lips. See a face appear all from kisses, doesn’t that give you a chill down to the bones? 😀

That is what Natalie Irish uses to paint; Natalie Irish is an artist from Houston, Texas, her stairway to awesomeness began with Best in District at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition at a very young age, 5 to be exact. She continues to shape her creativity on a canvas in many ways that other people didn’t ever think of, or maybe don’t even wanted too. Pretty much similar like how Liu Bolin had done, highlighted in this post is how Natalie uses her painted lips (with lipstick of course) and various “kiss” technique, kissing away to amazing potraits of past iconic stars. You probably haven’t seen or heard of any Natalie’s art before, neither did I, her painting is so detailed in a way I can feel it is the real thing, like this one portrait of Norma Jeane Mortenson a.k.a Marilyn Monroe below.

Norma Jean a.k.a Marilyn Monroe kiss art

Natalie admitted that kiss-painting was not an easy as it seems, her lips get can get very tired from all the various pressure technique applied to the canvas. The work of art also costs her ‘many tubes of both lipstick and chapstick. She also got tired from constantly moving near and far from the canvas, to check out her work in the process.

Natalie Irish oral art 1

Natalie Irish oral art

Natalie Irish oral art

Natalie Irish oral art

Here’s the video on how she kiss-paint Marilyn Monroe…

Jimi Hendrix was also kissed by Natalie. 😛

Jimi Hendrix kiss art

Other than using her lips, she also uses her thumb to create a masterpiece worth praising for, like these artworks below,

Elvis Presley thumbprint art

The Beatles thumbprint art

I hope to see more awesome paintings from Natalie, she’s so amazing in fact,she inspired me to practice my artwork again. Do follow the latest updates on her official website, and also her Facebook fan page here






I wanted to send out a great big “Thank You!!!!” to eveyone for all your kind words. I have been receiving a lot of emails recently, so please be patient as I make my way through them. Some of your messages have brought tears to my eyes. It means the world to know that my artwork has inspired so many passionate responses. You guys rock! ~ Natalie Irish, Facebook fan page update 19/08/2011

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11 Responses

  1. maslight says:

    OMG awesome!

  2. Gadis Analog says:

    Interesting…for a while there after I read the title, I thought that this is going to be something that's not suitable for me to read since I'm fasting and all.

  3. v says:

    whoa! amazing!

  4. Rungitom says:

    @Maslight & @V: Yes it is, she is so dedicated to her work. 🙂

    @Gadis Analog: hehe, turns out to be an awesome story instead 🙂

  5. audeanor says:

    amazing and very creative

  6. Rungitom says:

    @audenor: Yep it is, I think anyone with passion and creativity can do the same too. 🙂

  7. Jothi says:

    Absolutely amazing! the paintings look beautiful, like someone breathed life into it, which is true, coz she used her lips instead of a paint brush.

  8. Rungitom says:

    Hello Jothi, nice to see you back again. Do visit her official website and Facebook fan page for more updates on her work. ^_^

  9. Dev Clarehova says:

    wow!!!! it's cool… 😉

  10. kay masingan says:

    punya kreatif….!

  11. Rungitom says:

    @Dev & @Kay: ladies, you wouldn't mind losing so many lipsticks for a gorgeous artwork, right? 😉

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