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Sadly… its not about Kamen Rider Diend today, Diend Final Form Ride looks bad-ass though.

Today April 13, 2010, post #76… is the day of my last service to my company. All has been decided and confirmed, the process of handing over my work responsibility has not been done completely. But I will sort it out somehow, I’m not leaving my job just like that yet, I may have still supervise them from time to time until my successor replacement gets the hang of it.

I have been busy since Monday, apparently company is going to make a major breakthrough on the industrial scene. But my decision is final, and I wish all the best for them in the future.

Enough about that, while lunchtime Kak Flo decided to give me a treat at The Chicken Rice Shop, Suria Sabah. Looks like TCRS has undergo some interior design changes since I last came there. While they’re busy choosing on the menu, I took some pic.

AP is in a moody situation?

AP is in a moody situation?

Khiong & Mimiey

Khiong & Mimiey

Kak Flo, choosing the right nom nom

Kak Flo, choosing the right nom nom

I chose my favorite dish, BBQ Chicken and 3-Layered ice tea for drinks, one of the best meal I ever had.


Back at the office, I finished updating web contents as well as cleaning up my deck and taking away my personal stuffs; making sure nothing is left out.

Made a list of my work items to be handed over to the office, there’s a lot of things; hope they find a new staff soon. Somehow I managed to squeezed some time to make this as my message to my successor replacement.

photoshop + photoscape magick!

photoshop + photoscape magick!

I will miss the Rubber-band Lady Doll, has been with me since the first day on the job; she loves rubber-band.


And also this speaker which has been entertaining me for a long time It’s mine, I’m taking it home 😛


As the office time almost up, I bid farewell to everyone and also to my boss; will miss them all.

Seems the day felt what I feel in my mind, it rained… aww don’t be so sad, will you shine for me the next day?

Rain at the end of it…

Rain at the end of it…

Brought back my mug from office, there are 2 mugs to symbolize my 2 years of service to the company; all the bittersweet experiences and the working experiences was priceless.


Thank you guys, for giving the chance for me to become what I am today; I will never forget you for life. *Bro Fist*






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3 Responses

  1. The Royal`s says:

    so Mr!~ where are you heading to after this? heheh =p

    *lintas lalu ja.. teringin jua kan bagi comment hehe*

  2. Rungitom says:

    I'm heading to a new work environment. I'm doing the best I can to fit in and excel.

  3. cts says:

    i love your snapshots! keep it up!!

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