Have a nice day

So its Valentine’s Day today, but I’m not in that big mood to celebrate it today. Yes, one of it because my partner left me for another guy, and another thing is umm… I don’t feel any significant about the day. I’m sorry to say that Valentine’s Day is just another day where the business people/retailers/opportunist is the one who are the happiest. Chocolates, flowers, cute dolls, high class restaurants, high class presents sales skyrocket through the galaxies just a few days leading to the 14th. Because of the long time perception of Valentine’s Day is the day where couple’s celebrate their relationship, is a great time to boost sales and rake money from their pocket. I overheard a conversation that a guy is spending RM5000 for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Whatever it is, it is their right to enjoy their day, different people have their own perception. Some “religious” people bash the day to get some media attention, lovey-dovey couples show their overwhelming love on social network, similar goes to the #foreveralone guys/girls posted quotes and sad emotions online, and bloggers, like me, have my own 2 cents about it…. and I’m writing about it in this entry.


Have a nice day… yes I really mean it from thhe bottom of my heart. Whether you are celebrating it or not, I hope this Tuesday brings you happiness and good times. Next blog post about SPL 2012 and Bonding With Gaya Street is coming up, working on it and update as soon as I can.

Here’s a song from Sterephonics called Have a Nice Day, enjoy listening. 🙂








Oh and by the way, do you have any special plan for Valentine’s day? if any 😛

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5 Responses

  1. Aki Borneo says:

    Okay, I’m waiting the BWGS post from U.. still, Happy V-Day Tom.. ^_^.v..

  2. Celine says:

    Lol! Valentine’s day is over commercialised bah! To us, we celebrate as a family. My kid just asked me if I want a piece of his M&Ms because he loves me.. Lol! As simple as that!!

    Bah, Happy Valentine’s Day, bro!

  3. Kalistah Sabrina says:

    V Day bro! .. a great day for what its worth! .. and its still a good day yes?! ..for yours truly and her other half..well we’re gonna spend our lovey dovey cokolaty evening at the mamak stall enjoying our fav martabak! o yea.. our little “valentinas” & “valentine” are gonna crash in our date .. so LOL.. cheer up and let the LOVE flow..

    btw, it was good to have finally met you ..altho its only a brief..hi, hello, goodbye..:)

  4. Meitzeu says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Tom. 🙂

  5. Aemy says:

    i dont celebrate it too, but i respect people who celebrate it..hehe…
    happy valentine’s day anyway!!

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