Rungitom: The Origin

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While many believe that this fruit is actually Pulasan fruit, my grandma and my mom said it to be different. While Pulasan fruit is bright red…


Rungitom fruit tend to be more darker while having the same soft and sweet taste like Pulasan itself. Maybe Rungitom a subspecies under Pulasan? or just the locals way to differentiate between these two types of fruits.

Anyway, the name Rungitom existed long before I was born; while having a dark skin, the white edible flesh inside is soft and sweet. But you have to be very quick, for Rungitom particularly; because these fruit does not last long like Rambutan fruit. Once you’ve brought it, eat it while its still fresh.


I’ll rest the case here, while I’m adding another keyword information regarding “Rungitom Fruit” in the search engine. I will somehow dig more deeper information about Rungitom, since its kind of unfamiliar name even in Sabah.

I wonder why; long before I have my blog, searching “Rungitom” on Google retrieves nothing. Now its filled with me, ahaha~, investigation continues, search more about the fruit I will.





Rungitom, the dark mysterious fruit.

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2 Responses

  1. nc says:

    oooo..ini kah rungitom 🙂 mcm sa penah npk tu buah

  2. Mimi says:

    Saya suka makan tu rungitom tapi tiada tu di sini macam di KK ja ada.

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