5th KK Jazz Festival: Image of Ingenuous


Wait wait wait wait… The story has already ended, I know. But this is something different, this is the photograph story of the event where I put some interesting photo for you guys to see.

“o rly?”

“ya rly… srsly!”

I love to capture the moment, not just beautiful posed models, beautiful scenery or anything similar in many photography magazine/website. I just love to capture the expression of what they do in a normal way, I found them very natural, sincere and sometimes funny. Sometimes I like photography mistakes, call me odd but thats the way (ahha~ ahha~) I like it (ahha~ ahha~)

So, here are some of the photograph that I would like to share with you. 😉

This lady just paid for the french fries, I want to photograph the booth, but I end up with this photo.


Photographed at KKJF crew booth. They were selling T-Shirts and the performer’s music CD.

During Benjamin Lackner Trio performing, this kid just stood there… just like that, before he goes off.


Double Shot, or whatever name you can come up with in your mind for these kids. 😀


Them again, they just love to take photos. They joined in with the rest of the photographers, this was taken on the second night.


“Lemme take a picture of this cameraman” , maybe that was in that boy’s mind, pointing his camera to the photographer in front of him.


Not satisfied with the back seat view? go in front, really in front.


Ai! why did you pass in front of me?, Now I capture your pic half headed!


Oh and by the way, enjoy some food while you’re in the “waaaay front seat” 😀


Well, thats all for my photoshoot in the 5th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival (2011). I will post more of my amateur photography adventure in the future. Thanks for reading and viewing this post. 🙂

Call me odd but thats the way (ahha~ ahha~) I like it (ahha~ ahha~)

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3 Responses

  1. Meitzeu says:

    Oh!! I don't know we can sit infront!!! And that front!

  2. MyGamanBorNeo says:

    wah … sama la kita, telampau byk story dlm 1 event yg x dpt share dlm 1 post. tpaksa jg buat beberapa siri. pix 2nd last yg kepala org tu, mcm supernatural punya pix pula hehee

  3. Rungitom says:

    @MeiTzeu: Hehe, I was at the "way front" seat all the time. 😀

    @MyGamanBorNeo: Itu laa, dia limpas depan2 saya bh time sa ambil gambar.

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