Suddenly, le expressionz

Actually, with my busy hours in the office delayed my Tickle Tuesday post today, I apologize that there will be no boobs this week. Have you ever seen this pic before?

This pic has actually became an internet meme (internet phenomenon), the idea may take the form of a video, picture, a word or phrase. For only one image that became viral online, netizens themselves created their version that pokes fun of everyday life or other things. You can find most of these and more in, and

Now lets get back to the pic, what if that somebody took his patience and time to photoshop a real face to resemble the pic above? The result is this…










derp_1 derp_2Surreal? fake? not funny? Y U NO laughing? Okay you need some convincing pic here, how a bout a real one… for instance, the faces of athlete in diving competition, watch..


Oh did you laughed? giggled? come on, tell me what you feel. 😀







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5 Responses

  1. kay masingan says:

    ahahhaha…muka sebenar atlit tu mimang sandi o….hahahahha

  2. Daniel Chiam says:

    eh the last pic did not appear! roar! maybe my crappy lappy problem… bisuk tingu lagi di opis ^^

  3. Cathj says:

    🙂 dapat juga dorang captured tu muka ah…

  4. Daniel Chiam says:

    omigosh!!!! punya la bida XD

  5. cutebun says:

    hahahahaha~~ I like that cat

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