Simple Questions in A.B.C

Post #4: Simple questions in A.B.C

Lets make it simple, I’m basically answering some questions made from the alphabets, inspired by a lot of fellow bloggers, but this time thanks to Michelle @ 😉

So here goes~
A. AVAILABLE = You mean in relationship? Reserved 😛

B. BIRTHDAY = 12 November 1986

C. CRUSHING ON = Lady Rainbow, the one I’m reserving my heart to.

D. DRINK YOU HAD LAST = A big mug of tea

E. EASIEST PERSON TO TALK = Yeah, thats me 🙂

F. FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT = Take That – Id Wait For Life

H. HOMETOWN = Inanam


J. JUNGGLE = Say what?

K. KILLED SOMEONE = Not before I’m transformed into Terminator, mujajaja~

L. LONGEST CAR RIDE = Kota Kinabalu to Kudat

M. MILKSHAKE FLAVOR = Urmm, Chocolate & Vanilla for starters.


O. ONE WISH = Better Life


Q. QUESTION = Who wrote this questions in the first place? 😀

R. REASON TO SMILE = I made someone smiled first. 🙂

S. SONG YOU LAST HEARD = Adira – Ku Ada Kamu

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP = 6AM everyday, subject to change. 😛

U. UNDERWEAR COLOR = Seriously guys…

W. WORST HABIT = occasionally destroying face skin trying to pick the zits/acne

Y. YOYOS ARE = the awesome milky-tea outlet, or the toy in which I never mastered with.

Z. ZODIAC SIGN = Scorpio

Yeah, next blog post will be awesome… wait for it~ 😀







Reserving is good excuse.

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5 Responses

  1. AnnieMing says:

    K. KILLED SOMEONE = Not before I'm transformed into Terminator, mujajaja~ <- LOL!

    Have a nice Sunday, Tom.. ;-D

  2. Meutia Halida Khairani says:

    and this post is also awesome.. ^_^

  3. Rungitom says:

    @AnnieMing: mujajaja, I'll be back! XD

    You have a great Sunday too ya.

    @Meutia: Thanks ^_^

  4. CathJ says:

    wah… semua org mau main challenge diri sendiri sudah ni ahhh…

    lady rainbow.. ah hemmm… (aik…gatal pula leher mummy ni tau… ;-p)

  5. Rungitom says:

    @CathJ: aik napa tu? ehehe

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